September 23rd, 2009


Dreams: the stalker and the demon

Dreamed Monday that there was a crazy on the internet that had connected my California-based online presence with my legal name (I had more of an online presence with my legal name in the dream) and my Arizona-based face to face presence with my online name by matching up a userpic or piece of flair I had with some witty saying or other, with a bumper sticker on my car. (I don't have any such stickers on my car.)

He was really crazy. It was really scary.

Dreamed today that I was part of an organization that did stuff regarding the demons and such in and around San Francisco. (Some of the computer screens we used to do our job were reminiscent of Bejeweled in some way.) There was a vampire who told me in a dream (within the dream) that he was coming for a little inoffensive clerk who was not particularly well-guarded, and there was nothing I could do about it. I was a slightly-better-guarded higher-level clerk. The dream thing seemed sort of like instant messenger. The dream terrified me, and I tried to get to the other clerk to warn her and get her out of danger, but I was having trouble getting there, in the running-but-going-nowhere way, and he was coming and it was very dangerous and even though I got the 40th book off the shelf in the library (the bottom shelf; the cover was red and velvety) it was still not enough, and he either actually abducted her right out of my arms or he came very close. It was perhaps scarier than it sounds. He had a lot of very sharp teeth (think Jagermonster except less jovial) and was secure and gloating in his power over me.

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LJ security breach; stuff has been fixed but some people may still be affected.

Some rogue embed decided to self-replicate itself across LJ by editing people's entries upon them viewing the malicious embed and not having those scripts being blocked.

You may know the beast by finding embeds in your recent entries that you did not put there, and how the entry is unlocked. If you post locked stuff, check your journals -- I'd rather you be safe than sorry.

Quick official announcement, details to come

More detailed unofficial rundown

Edit: news post with full rundown:

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golden gate bridge, san francisco

Walk, Computer Funtimes, and more on that security breach

My schedule is out of wack again. I am displeased.

Went for a walk with my aunt yesterday, down on Rockaway Beach and its environs. Mostly its environs. As I was gathering myself together to head out the door, and waiting for my aunt's call so I wouldn't be standing out there too long, [info - personal] tiferet called, advising me about a computer tool run with teshiron and [info - personal] jd. However, I was already on my way out, so I advised that yes, I could in fact look up bus schedules from home at need. Then my aunt called, and soon we were on our way.

My aunt had forgotten the purple harness for the poodle, so his leash was clipped to his jaguar-spotted collar. (He is a remarkably sensible dog despite the poncy collar.)

The poodle does not hump indiscriminately, for the record. He humps Deacon. Deacon tries to hump him, but is even less allowed to, as he is getting to be a creaky old dog, and ought not to either hump or be humped. Collapse ) The poodle does not hump other dogs (often), or objects, or people. Just (mostly) Deacon. (There was no humping on this trip.)

The fog was in thick enough that we could just barely see the waves breaking and the rocks surrounding the beach, and one intrepid surfer out in the ocean, the torso of a dark-wetsuited ghost in the fog.

Collapse )

On the way back, my phone rang again, with intelligence that there was now an IHOP run. I collected myself at home, confirmed the location, and set out, dismissing the message from the Whispering that bringing my netbook would be a good plan. I arrived first; the rest of the party walked up somewhat damp but triumphant after a Krispy Kreme stop. Genial activities continued to commence within iHop, with much accent-geeking and chatter about regional variations, and also discussion about people on Twitter who introduce themselves via gay porn. (Not that gay porn is a bad thing, but it makes a singular first impression. "Hi my good sir; would you care to try some porn today?" I suppose face to face they call this cruising?)

Post-dinner, entertainments in the form of a lot of screwing commenced at the Teshypants/JD household. Specifically, JD's macbook is not charging, although it still takes mains power. This is a source of much fucking frustration, and taking apart a fucking macbook is not recommended for the amateur. (JD relates from the "geniuses" that in fact some of the screws are decorative, and they're all different lengths.) (Oh hey, JD, if you had florist foam on hand, paper with drawn diagram, on top of the foam, push the screws in so they stay.) Having ignored the Whispering, I was without my netbook, but this crowd is always good for entertaining discourse. There are plans involving a Greek food festival and Folsom Street Fair, and possibly also RHPS.

The final screw proved difficult. It was tiny, in a poor location without enough room to put the big screwdriver in it straight, the little screwdriver that was potentially its size was bent and did not work in it, and all four of us tried with a succession of different screwdrivers and tips, with increasing lack of luck. I eventually took the pliers to the bent screwdriver and bent it further, so its handle was at a 90° angle from the tip, to provide leverage, but still no luck. Universally, either we could not get a grasp on the head with the driver, the driver was the wrong size, or we were not able to get it to turn when we did. [info - personal] tiferet had some screwdrivers of better size, and it was proceeding in a bedtime-like direction in any case.

JD accompanied us, and ran in with her for the screwdrivers (and also, as it transpired, to be the Tall One swapping out a lightbulb). I dropped him back off and went home.

Upon connecting to the internet again, I discovered that LJ had exploded due to an exploit of scripting in Flash, and Flash content was at that time temporarily disabled, and there was a whole lot of security-minded IRC chatter. There is a news post up. It looks to have been an email address harvester with a side effect of UNLOCKING RECENT/TOP ENTRIES, presumably to make it spread more easily. The security flaw has been patched, but if you are in the habit of making locked posts and were reading LJ yesterday, please check the news post and your recent posts to make sure you're OK.

Tonight looks like Borderlands. :D :D :D

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