September 29th, 2009


17 tweets for 2009-9-29

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  • Tuesday, 0024: @fairlight777 I suspect a doctor would not have untied one with a needle, nor cut the other with a kitchen knife. Yay no insurance.
  • Tuesday, 0025: @fairlight777 (Though since I grew up in small town Alaska I have a more relaxed attitude towards health care: I do favor DYI when possible)
  • Tuesday, 0040: @fairlight777 They said 10 days; today was 10 days; looking at the wound it should have been yesterday or earlier.
  • Tuesday, 0041: @fairlight777 I didn't want to leave it until tomorrow given that I was ready to tear them out yesterday.
  • Tuesday, 0043: @fairlight777 And since I cleaned all equipment beforehand, didn't re-injure myself, & have antibiotic goo on it now, all is good.
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