October 4th, 2009

bubbly, champagne

...she's a dancing queen...

she's a dancing queen...

So. As previously mentioned, Ursie and Hyoun had their (American) wedding today. (The one in Korea was a while ago. Lots of lovely pics!)

Short version: I went with JD and Ryan and we met lots of people and had a blast. Pictures forthcoming in, like, morningness or something.

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There was a bit of good news waiting for me in my inbox: phone interview for a position that I really, really covet, on Thursday. Here's hoping. I really think I could rock that position.

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  • Sunday, 0017: keep your fingers crossed for me, you guys. :D (got an upcoming interview that I'm very excited about.)
  • Sunday, 0055: @fairlight777 @FranziskaKurtz Thanks! (Here's hoping! I mean, I do what sounds like similar stuff for *fun*, so.)
  • Sunday, 0057: Correlation: vigorous physical activity such as dancing, followed by short breath & coughing sudden amounts of gunk out of my lungs. D:
  • Sunday, 0058: @coffeechica We had Electric Slide, a swing medley, Time of Your Life, and other fine selections. No Bad Touch, alas.
  • Sunday, 0102: @azurelunatic DJ did not, in fact, rickroll the reception, much to my secret woe.
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