October 9th, 2009

murdered by lunatics

Quick highlights of the Sarah Rees Brennan & Scott Westerfeld thing at Menlo Park Library

Arrived slightly late.
Got video of the first bit at least, then the batteries died.
There was much hilarity. Sarah was talking about plotting, and was talking about physical conflicts and emotional conflicts, and how to use the peaks of one to fill in for the valleys of the other. For example, say your protagonist has a dog! And suddenly that dog starts foaming at the mouth and acting rabid! And eats the yellow bird that sits on top of his doghouse! OMG SNOOPY NO!!! [roar of laughter] So there's the emotional conflict and now you have a zombie dog to worry about.

Spotted lemonsquid (who was sketching), said hi.

Few fishes: me, Tif, lemonsquid. There may have been another one, but she left before I could hail her and find out.

Gave sign and tag-thing to SRB. (Used tag-thing in line to explain the Marmalade Fish thing; I had helpfully written the full quote on the back.)

Requested spoiler with my signing. Received spoiler. She asked who I would like a spoiler about. I requested Gerald. Collapse ) I cheered. She added that it was Collapse ) She inquired whether I was on Team Gerald. I considered the matter, and clarified that no: I was on Team Collapse )

Stealthily, without my realizing this, she then added this to the book inscription.

Tif got a great spoiler. Collapse )

I declared my desired 'ship: Jamie/someone-who-is-not-Sin. Someone male. Just to make this clear. :D

The Battle of the 34 Makeout Scenes! (Please, Makeout Tuesday sounds like a great idea.

...and more, but my brain is starting to refuse to retrieve stuff.

(Plus then on my way actually home, traffic was stopped on 280. Turns out a pedestrian had been struck and killed there. I was an hour delayed. That was not a highlight but it was an important and sad part.)

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