October 15th, 2009

Tupshin says so.

LJ PSA: testing "ran amok"

If you were among the cluster of people who got something that looked like an LJ news announcement, except for tupshin, not to worry -- it's not a security problem or anything interesting other than a test (of a new news-notification script, it looks like), that did not do what it ought to do, and stopped after about a minute of running amok.

Tupshin is a US-based LJ manager on the geek side of things, whose hobbies include motorcycles, teasing gorman, and saying "NO!" a lot.

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queer as a three dollar bill

Being a Small Roundup of Coming Out Discomfort Links In This Wave In My Various Neighborhoods:

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26 tweets for 2009-10-15

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  • Thursday, 0104: I'm not sure how the remaining 9% is split between me no longer being a hottie and US BEING RELATED WHAT THE HELL OKCUPID.
  • Thursday, 0121: @fairlight777 But at least we're in the same zip code and have most of the same values and compatible entertainment styles.
  • Thursday, 0125: @fairlight777 At least most of my family is relatively sane? But seriously, @OkCupid needs a OMG HE IS MY COUSIN button or something. >_<
  • Thursday, 0154: @fairlight777 Oh god oh no; if it tried something like that I think I might wind up literally up a tree for a week and swearing.
  • Thursday, 0202: Goodnight, Twitter. I have The Way To Amarillo earworming me, and velcro eyelashes.
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