October 17th, 2009


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Plans: everybody heads over to Mark's for Rock Band. Refinements: JD and Ryan and Sabrina taking BART.

Tif mentioned that it was a bad arthritis day, but she eventually decided in favor of going. I picked her up (city traffic is ass), stopped by her place briefly, then headed out. Chattered about RP stuff on the way there, and the hilarity of the moment.

I had sent a text to certain parties; certain parties then texted back while we were on the way. This meant that Tif was operating my phone, and high school-type hilarity ensued in short order.

We arrived; Janine, Nicole, Jesse, and the dogs were in. In an amusing moment of timing, once we determine what we wanted for dinner, Janine called Mark, who was just in the drive thru at In n Out finishing up their orders, so he was able to tack on our orders in perfect harmony. (Then, just as they were heading out, JD and Sabrina ((no Ryan)) called from BART; these coincidences are perfectly lovely.)

There was dog-related silliness. Trigger is a tiny weiner dog, and he lives with a bunch of very large dogs. He still tries to hump them, without the benefit of a stepladder. (He should try that next time.)

There was dinner. There was Rock Band. There were highly hilarious moments.

Un-hilariously, the foot pedal of the drum was malfuntioning. When jproulx tried to see what was wrong, something fell out. This led to some non-drum Rock Band-ing, and some dissection and prodding of the pedal.

I do much better on melodic songs than shouty ones, though I can sight-read and mimic well enough to get above 90% in some songs that I've never even heard before. On easy or medium, mind you, but still.

JD was having some sort of booze.

There's a new trend in spam involving lolviagra.

I made Tif crack up during Rock Band by declaring that "Skullcrusher Mountain" was the song of Walter from Fringe. I also improvised alternate lyrics to "Maps", by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs: "I don't want to ask directions" scans perfectly in the place where "They don't love you like I love you" goes.

Phoenix did much better with that one song than I did; I'd not actually paid attention to it the last time it had come around and I had never heard it. She took over the microphone from me.

I am a Suzuki sister, so I do fairly well at picking up songs ambiently.

Reached into my practical experience and told Mark about some of the funtimes involved in being a work-from-home parent. Poor Mama couldn't do much until we were grown enough to not get in trouble/school.

Prying a drunken JD away from the party proved to be interesting. No one was sick out my windows on the way back. We took Stacey home since we were going that way anyway. There was gossip and a traffic jam.

JD declared rainbow Christmas lights to be a little too fabulous for year-round display.

I got home safely, and am now falling asleep in the middle of trying to sum all up.

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