October 22nd, 2009


Bacchus's vine

Events transpired* such that it became necessary for current and former LiveJournal employees and certain volunteers to gather close unto one another over many, many, many boozes. The time and place chosen was http://www.barbell.com/kilowatt/info.html and 1930 hours. I showed up well-prepared, and decided to try the cider, one of the ones they had on tap. It was a perry cider. After sipping at the glass I got, I got a pitcher and settled in with my netbook to wait. Mike (fictional character) is being recalcitrant.

Tupshin arrived and hailed Ounree, who I'd not identified in the people already at the bar. We started in on the pitcher of cider and the shop talk commenced. JD and Teshi showed up. My phone rang. I automatically answered it in Japanese with my internet name. It was someone from the place I'd emailed this morning. They will call back, as then was not a good time to talk. It is a prospect! Hooray!

We moved to a larger, brighter table near the pool tables. Shop talk continued to commence. Collapse )

*Details regarding the necessity of this gathering are possibly not forthcoming, and salient portions of the narrative have been omitted to reduce it to its socializing elements.

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