November 6th, 2009

golden gate bridge, san francisco

So actual updates on my life have been thin on the ground...

My last proper update of how my life was going was about Monday, October 19th, where a group of us did a Night Out with Phoenix at the Phoenix Irish pub.

Major bits:
  • LJ acts predictably; Azz throws hissyfits.
  • Azz is upset about lack of job.
  • Azz writes a lot (but not on the NaNo)
  • LJ search is love.
  • Social, mostly with JD and my aunt
  • If there's a Twitter user in mortal peril and you don't know enough about them to call emergency services yourself, let a Twitter employee know.

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Today so far: got voicemail from someone who found my resumé online; called them back and left a message. Here's hoping.

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