December 1st, 2009


44 tweets for 2009-12-1

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  • Tuesday, 0019: @tiferet93 The "Let's not classify gays with incest, something, and other bad behavior" comment.
  • Tuesday, 0020: Oh, my. <^>note_to_cat got put in <^>lj_spotlight. It's ... disturbingly high-volume now.
  • Tuesday, 0054: @semanticist If you could please, while I'm asleep. If it's not spam & not blatantly against the rules, allow & give posting access.
  • Tuesday, 0102: @fairlight777 Oh speaking of "here" & 3 days, what are you doing Thursday? I'll just be passing through but if you have a few minutes...
  • Tuesday, 0108: @fairlight777 Bring him along, I can smile nice
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