December 4th, 2009

running, bomb tech

still too tired for a more detailed update

Wednesday, went to an interview that I had thought was for an office job (possibly telemarketing). Turned out to have massive Craigslist fail and was in fact for a door-to-door outreach to existing customers; they'd listed it in Customer Service and hadn't mentioned the door-to-door part. Finished packing. Didn't sleep.

Got picked up by uncle and aunt. Hopped on plane with aunt. Napped a very little bit on the plane but then I was all wound up after they came through with the juice and dried cranberries. (Uncle said to return anything with prayers on it explaining that we're atheists. (I'm pagan, actually. (Fortunately this pronouncement didn't come into play as I don't think I got prayed at on my napkins or whatever.)))

Landed Seattle. Social ensued, in the form of Fairlight & Tay et al. Met Tay's consort, finally (they have been together some years). By this time I was not much good for anything and may in fact have completely stopped making sense, the 24 hours awake mark having been passed some time ago. Tay made me coffee with non-lactose milk; I had two cups. There was park and picnic AND PIE!!!, then Trader Joe's. At length there was car. [see [info] tiferet93's profile if certain elements of this paragraph make you look at me in vague or not so vague alarm.]

Drove in the general direction of Sequim (pronounced Squim, btw), as narrated by Riddle. The best route included a ferry. This was about 1600hrs on Thursday, which marked 31+ hours awake. Thus the sudden explosion of Twitter and text messages re: my being ON A BOAT MOTHERFUCKER DON'T YOU EVER FORGET.

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We each get to work with 2 loaner chickens. The chickens are mostly rescues, and are mostly running unnamed. She is a middle-aged white leghorn who used to be a battery farm hen. She is fluffy and light and stuff. (She also looks like she has a bit of a wing injury from some of the staining on her feathers.) At first she was reluctant to be fed but she got over that; she's getting better about being held too. The second is a brown leghorn hen, who has beautiful layered golden stripey hackles. I have dubbed her "Piper", because I caught myself calling her "honey" (endearment, not name) and thinking she had honey-colored hair. (TOS fans, plz commence your ROTFLMAO now.)

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Had dinner with aunt at (trio of cheese & Wascally Wabbit (special) (shared); simple salad & pear & blue; chicken saltimbocca (shared); creme brulee (shared)).

I was falling half asleep three hours ago. If anything important happens, you know where to find me; if it's note_to_cat, look at the maintainers list for someone who is not me or a legacy personality fork of me.

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  • Friday, 0105: I dropped my sandwich. Now one leg smells appealingly (or appallingly, take your pick) of mustard. The other one is still scraped from boat.
  • Friday, 0113: so between yesterday and today I had maybe a half-hour of sleep. Now time to crash before camp in the morning!
  • Friday, 0126: Amazingly, was not suspicious on sight of my sister's paramour as I thought I would be given that I trust no one.
  • Friday, 0129: Dear hotel front desk, @zarhooie is not a phone sex operator despite calling at obscene hours and being all sexy. K?
  • Friday, 0804: Discovered that the network sign in at the hotel needs to be periodically renewed and in IE. Not a happy camper that I took so long to fix
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