December 8th, 2009


LJ notifications

LJ notifications are currently down.

Status ( says that the notifications are being cached to be sent later.

I got some DW comments that I don't have notifications for either.

Hang tight, be chill, and all that good stuff. I am perhaps hopelessly behind on my LJ friends page, though I'm trying to at least read the Support-related stuff. Please let me know if anything earth-shattering happened and you're not on my DW reading list (because that's smaller and I did get caught up on that).

(The Support-related stuff I'm reading is my Support filter, so if you see occasional entries marked "# = spr0t" then I've probably caught up on most of your recent exploits.)

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12 tweets for 2009-12-8

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0009: So @zarhooie and I both cannot abide the thing where the bottom of the bedclothes do not have ROOM FOR YOUR GODDAMN FEET. Don't tuck them in
  • Tuesday, 1023: pre-vamping Bella needs to be a fag-hag for a while, since that's the only platonic m/f relationship that paradigm can grasp.
  • Tuesday, 1027: @misoranomegami Oh sweet Eris. JUST MAKE IT WITH HALF AS MUCH SUGAR, THOSE THINGS TASTE LIKE DEATH.
  • Tuesday, 1030: RT: @metaphorge: It seems unwise to sit upon Cthulhu.
  • Tuesday, 1136: Laundry day. Turns out there is in fact a user-accessible laundry facility here. Laundry win, recon fail.
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