December 11th, 2009


21 tweets for 2009-12-11

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  • Thursday, 2359: @nudaydreamer I will endorse and enable this choice of yours.
  • Friday, 0001: @fairlight777 Yep. Re: the blue priezribbon. (the less you know about this the happier you will be.)
  • Friday, 0002: @demonicerrantry Are you familiar with the work of Karen Pryor? It's a human / human clicker training game.
  • Friday, 0003: @demonicerrantry (Totally voluntary shaping in the context of the game, vs. the psych class story they tell about the professor)
  • Friday, 0012: Am a good Lunatic and did not make the wrong kind of inquiries re: "choking off" as a method of removing an attack dog (in re: chickens)
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