December 16th, 2009

running, bomb tech

(backdated) Things What I Must Do:

Locate satnav (check)
charge satnav (check)
evaluate clothings for laundry need I'm good
Shower tonight, not tomorrow morning.
Finish off Irish Cream (some ladies from Camp 1 handed it over to me) (7:33 PM 12/16/2009 just about check; 7:53 PM 12/16/2009 check)
Clothings for tomorrow: set out (ok, on me)
Clothings for Friday: set out

Watch Mythbusters (heh) (9:42 PM 12/16/2009 so it's a two-hour special tonight)
Call best friend (hopefully concurrent with above)
7:19 PM 12/16/2009 (Best friend called; best friend knocking off for the night early.)

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