December 17th, 2009

wank me a river, Enki

Lovely place, but oh sweet Enki their website

So I met up with Chemla and we went to the Jewel Box Cafe for tea, in varying definitions of "tea". The cafe is lovely, and I recommend it without hesitation (at least from the small experience I had visiting it).

However. Chemla grabbed me their business card, and from their business card I got their website. Here it is:

Wall of shame: this is a bad website. It is very pretty. It has pictures of the location, and it says "Menu" and such, and it has the location's address and contact information.

One big problem: the "links" are not clickable, and, in fact, the whole page is just one big image.

1) where are those links?
2) what about my aging eyes and my ability to copy/paste that shit?
3) lolno.

Behold the current source code:
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  • Thursday, 0045: @pir_anha If by "cool-looking" you include a hilarious "EAT WHERE BELLA AND EDWARD HAD THEIR FIRST DATE" brochure, then yes.
  • Thursday, 0110: @metaphorge I've used both *italics* and /italics/.
  • Thursday, 0113: @asciident Word.
  • Thursday, 0127: Best Buy has my Google Voice number now; have, after consideration, registered what I think of their ad tactics on LJ with them too.
  • Thursday, 0127: (Hint: massively displeased by Best Buy, as page-takeovers with singing, even though LJ later shushed that, are what I consider bad.)
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