December 24th, 2009

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Words: RFC

I'm looking for LiveJournal and Dreamwidth slang, of the sort that we-the-users use about the places we're inhabiting. You know the sort. Flist. Droll. PC. The mice are commenting a lot today. Block. Anything that's not the official term but is intuitively understood, or is understood and used fluently once it's been explained.

I'm looking for more words in common use with the greater userbase than I am for words that are only in use inside of volunteer circles, but volunteer community words and phrases are good too. This can be words you know that you're pretty sure someone else won't know, words you know everyone knows, or words you've heard that you know ought to mean something but you've never figured out quite what and haven't yet found the time to look them up.

Part of it, I'm curious.

Part of it, I want my teammates (and the teammates of my braintwin [personal profile] zarhooie) to have available to them some of the same things I know just by having skulked around in the right places. Understanding "How do I block the fucking mice?" to mean "I have a problem with anonymous commenters" and not "I got lost on my way to the exterminator's website" is one of the many components of supportmindread, and I want to do my utmost to grant that priv to everyone I can.

Who's got words?

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to-do from the 21st

Weird dreams, but nothing I could lay hands on once I woke up.

9:49 AM 12/21/2009
To do today:

some form of meal (9:49 AM 12/21/2009 almonds make meal, right? They call it almond meal... no?)
Brush hair; Re-braid hair (10:25 AM 12/21/2009 done.)
Unload travel toiletry bag (10:26 AM 12/21/2009 done. Hotel shampoos are great fun for testing out new products; I seem to like rosemary-mint shampoo!)
Unpack all bags.
- is amazing.
- 10:54 AM 12/21/2009 I got something called "The Mommy Hook", which is a giant (not-safe-for-climbing) caribiner with foam padding. At first I thought that you secured the leash of your small rambunctious child to it, but apparently it is only for shopping bags and the like.
- Apparently.
- I also got a cute little metal water bottle. Right now the water that comes out of it tastes much more like stainless steel than the water that goes in it.
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