January 10th, 2010


My current set of interests

I have 169 interests on DW. Most overlap with LJ, but DW lets me have more. Right now DW is having a bit of interest funkiness, and in order to avoid this I am making a backup of my current interests. I will also explain them all. (See, I was just going to post the block of interests for backup, but I decided to explain them all briefly too, for less boringness and skippable cut entry. Everybody wins!)

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!!pleh, !pleh?? -- there was this epic support request.

"my cocks(?) is down" -- epic SpinVox transcription fail.

#dw, #lj_support -- I love me some IRC.

$lj::will_not_work_without_steam_radiator -- The translation system is hell and I am witty as all fuck.

alaska -- everybody comes from somewhere.

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