February 15th, 2010

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Netbook Crash & Attendant Festivities (including my thoughts on Best Buy)

So I woke up Thursday morning (at an unearthly hour) and found that my dear pet netbook, "Disaster Area", a black Eee PC 900HD that I got last year thanks to a v. nice tax refund (and to supplement Thalia, my patient & aging Dell Inspiron 1000 from 2004), had (as expected) suspended his operations in the night, but (not as expected) would not wake up to mouse-jiggling and key-tapping, despite his power light, his battery/charge light, and his wireless light being on steadily.

Nor did he wake up after I hard-powered him down. His screen stayed the flat black of power-off; his HDD light stayed off. I powered up Thalia, and began a frantic Google chase after what one is supposed to do when one's Eee starts saying that three out of four lights are on, but no-one's home.

Meanwhile, I popped Disaster Area into the freezer, as this is what one does when one has a hard drive failure.

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Happy Fucking Valentine's Day, Guys (with bonus hanging-out with people)

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Nora had arrived Saturday, and we planned to meet for dinner Sunday. I was a bit too worn out to take charge of the scheduling, but happily, things worked out all right.

Nora let me know that they were doing brunch with trolleypup, and would be done about two. I took the opportunity to get the Disaster Area situation finally squared away. Just as I got off the phone with Mama, Nora called! Perfect timing. They were wandering about the SF Embarcadero area; I headed there, via In-n-Out (they'd had lunch, I hadn't).

We met up in the row of vendors-selling-stuff between the BART and the ferry building, and I observed as Nora bought Ase THE RING (made from a quarter of her birth year; Nora had got one of her own birth year for herself a few minutes previous) and duly snickered at the TALE OF WOE AND SHIPPING (the hotel didn't have a two-bed room, so put them in a one-bed room; this is of course after the part where any reasonable fangirl would ship them, given that they are ON VACATION IN SAN FRANCISCO TOGETHER). We decided that Pier 39 was in order, and headed for the F. We wound up on the 3rd one; the line was epic (and some people in the back of the line behind us got on through the back doors into the 2nd one, skipping the fare, naughty them).

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