February 19th, 2010

how is this my life, AO3

Fucking *diurnal*, man.

Poll #1527473 Diurnal

The word "diurnal"...

... pretty basic, even people who haven't entirely mastered English might know it
... a fluent speaker of English would know it
... if you passed the SAT well enough to get into college, you should know it
... only a writer or a scientist whose field touches on the concept would drop this in casual conversation
... I would like to complain about this poll


Well, *I* know it.
... though I did reach for a dictionary to double-check myself
You *are* a writer, though? And at least some kind of a scientist?
What kind of moron is your neighbor?
(ticky is up past its bedtime)

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Captain Logic

And the First Officer is slightly green-skinned as well, being part-Orion.

3:12 PM 2/18/2010
Have abused position to put my Suggestions-maintainer influence behind expedited (for values of "expedited" that equal "huh, it's been not quite a year") handling for a bug that doesn't affect me personally, but affects those within my man'chi (notably, the other half of my brain and an ex). Am notably reveling in my lack of guilt. (I'm supposed to save this influence for things that have come in through suggestions, see.) (I'm not going to make a habit of abusing it, which is the other reason I've no guilt.)

4:13 PM 2/18/2010
I cannot read "UTF-8" correctly on the first try. It always parses as "WTF-8" in my head, even though I can see the difference between the shapes of the words when they're written out. I handle words in chunks, not letter by letter.

4:18 PM 2/18/2010
Conveyed the "harness the power of your crankiness" thing to my aunt, who suffers from anxiety-related problems in staying up at night. She considers that some of the things she worries about at night are not actually problems during the day. I pointed out that they are generally just *very small* problems but still problems that just don't bother one under normal circumstances, and if one burns through the problems that one worries about, then one is often reduced to worrying about things that are patently ridiculous and dismissable even during bad moments.

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1:29 AM 2/19/2010
I bring the ants to every picnic and the rain to every parade. (Considering this as a new displayed name, given my function in Suggestions.)

2:19 AM 2/19/2010
Ran into my neighbor, who was out smoking, when coming back in from a delightful evening involving Twin Peaks (first two episodes) and pizza (cheese, sausage, mushroom, the Hut). Am in love with Twin Peaks. Not so much in love with the neighbor, though he's all right. A bit appalled by his absolute dearth of vocabulary that I consider basic. (From previous conversations, it's fairly well established that he is a native and perhaps sole speaker of English, and college-educated or equivalent.) It did lead into how I seem to be a writer (now, if only I wrote more! and got published!) and since I was thinking about it the other day, I have just *got* to dig up the scene where the First Officer and the Science Officer (and oh jeeze, racial stereotypes *abound*, man, I had the Vulcan as the science officer...) are making love, and the line that still has me hooting and hollering is the thing about the Starfleet-issue underwear... (I can't even recall the exact phrase, but OH GOD apparently it put one of my betas in mind of this TOTALLY LOGICAL UNDERWEAR WITH A LITTLE STARFLEET INSIGNIA SOMEWHERE, and in context it was just howlingly hysterical. I wonder if it's still as funny as I remember it, or if the context of our hilarity then is the only thing that makes it funny now.)

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