February 25th, 2010

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Not that good a day, actually.

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8:16 AM 2/24/2010
It is yet again morning, and I am yet again in the middle of my sleep cycle. This does not amuse.

8:18 AM 2/24/2010
Okay, being called "a God amongst men" amuses. (Not sure whether the godlike powers part or the possible assumption that I am male amuses more.) (In context, "men" is either "male humans" or "humans", and I'm unsure which was meant.)

8:35 AM 2/24/2010
The fact that I have only two confirmed memories from before I learned to read is both kind of cool, and a little intimidating.

12:16 PM 2/24/2010
The part where I had dreams and remembered them was novel and entertaining.

The part where some of the dream involved getting CDs that were (in the dream) loaned out 10 years ago returned was all right.

The homophobia was not so all right.

The crazed 8-year-old brother or cousin (which I don't have) taking advantage of me being distracted while doing group yoga (or something) and stealing the cheese off the top of my toast, very weird.

The part where I embarked on the sort of scary screaming tirade where you're not sure if you're going to actually pass out because of how hard you're screaming? Actually not so cool. Waking up to the sound of a private message in the middle of that tirade? Oh-so-shaky. (It was suggestions-related, and thus a perfectly legit PM.)

[This was the downtown-on-the-bus universe, with all the trains and so forth; it was near the Y-shaped street-split with the dollar store where I was looking at those blue-feathered umbrellas once. ...Yes, there are separate universes in my dreams, don't you have them in yours? Though I really sometimes despise that universe's subway system; it's really not safe to have all those parts out in the open. Much cleaner than SF though.]

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