March 3rd, 2010

yule, gingerbread motherboard

Writing good. Power bad.

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8:59 PM 3/2/2010
GlaDOS voice now on Riddle. Sorry, Rich, but your properly-speaking voice has been bumped off. ;-P

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11:46 PM 3/2/2010
[from a comment elsejournal]
On good days, I can go to something crowded like the Folsom St. Fair, which has crowds large enough it's difficult to move more than two steps at a time in some places, and only have the casual worry that means I need to check to make sure that I still have my handbag in my shoulder tote every fifteen minutes to half-hour, and be secure in the knowledge that if someone tries something, I can turn around and deck them.

On bad days, I do not make it out of the apartment to the car or dumpster or mailbox, never mind actually to the fair.

If it becomes a bad day while somewhere out in public, I go null-state as much as possible (sensory overload, dull all senses as much as possible, don't-react to any stimulus, don't attempt to process stimuli); I will have lost words some minutes previous. If I am lucky enough to have someone with me, I hope that they will know what to do (get me to a quiet place, get me some water, check my blood sugar). If I am not, I go the last place I was programmed to go, or maybe have the presence of mind to find a place.

[You] have a more paranoid agoraphobia than I do. I have a more sensory overload and aphasia one.

2:32 AM 3/3/2010
"Wireless" router/cablemodem has been duly moved and duly plugged into the bleedin' UPS. Shall see if the wirelessness of it is still on strike -- later. Though perhaps I could even visit it directly, provided I still remember its IP. (Though I can look that up.) (Darlings, it is a good idea sometimes to affix a piece of masking tape or something to the router and write its current IP on it, and occasionally its other vital information like passwords, given that the thing is physically secure.)

2:57 AM 3/3/2010
Mark is now at least occasionally "starfish". Make a note of it. (There is no context for this.)

3:11 AM 3/3/2010
A Rule of the Internet: Content not under your control is ephemeral. Except when it's content you wish was not on the internet, then it is eternal.

3:34 AM 3/3/2010
Fun discovery of the month: the apartment complex expects me to keep the apartment at 60°F or warmer, to cut down on the chance for mold and mildew and general damp. They also pay for fireplace gas. (Previously I'd thought that that was on me.) I will probably be using the fireplace more often, and being the happier and warmer for it.

3:51 AM 3/3/2010
So we're eccentric, right. Just emailed best friend, playing oneupmanship games with Floor (he and I have similar untidy-bachelor habits when left without contact with our respective mothers for too long); asked him to convey my greetings to gaming group (as they hailed me when I called Sunday evening) and my love to his usual cranky necromancer D&D character.

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12:09 PM 3/3/2010
There is a certain sort of predator about on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth: when "Can I talk to you?" is the start of a bad, bad conversation:

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1:08 PM 3/3/2010
Oh, [personal profile] rb, I haven't put it in the thing because Google Docs is not nice with slow computers, but the other night my brain started revising a particular bit of Circle of Fire, the Introduction of Distributed Computing bit, to something that made more sense, and I'm getting it written down!

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3:15 PM 3/3/2010
Dude is going to get electrical problems checked out. (The simultaneous flickering from bedroom and desk lamps with bathroom lights means something other than a faulty ballast. Plus, the bathroom lights are incandescent, and the fan speed drops simultaneously with the flickering. The main building breaker may in fact be b0rked.) Meanwhile, I am in the apartment complex common room, having monopolized the comfy chair and the little glass side table as a laptop desk, headphones in ears and music on. We'll see if the on-a-roll continues.

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