March 8th, 2010

yule, gingerbread motherboard

At least this computer is giving me minimal woes. Thanks, Thalia.

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(But still giggling over "At least it didn't say 'Drive door is open on partition C:\ '!!")

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8:11 PM 3/7/2010
Hair has now dried. Even with the ~2" chopped off, hair is looong. Hair is wavy.

8:37 PM 3/7/2010
Via [personal profile] beckyzoole:
A small, bizarre set of middle-class Western gender assumptions quiz:

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9:19 PM 3/7/2010
"Existential door errors" (drive door of volume c: is open) (This is a thing between the best friend and Kat and me.)
Purple hair problem: "I do not like you because you have purple hair." (But the person is actually a blonde.) It is, I supposed, a variety of existential door error. (This is a Seananism.)

9:51 PM 3/7/2010
Kat briefly stopped speaking to me when I proposed the concept of "synchronized watersports" (like, you know, *swimming*, she protests innocently) for #dw Olympics.

12:07 AM 3/8/2010
Found an IKEA string of tiny battery lights, decided that they were going to become part of some interesting steampunk hair accessory. Looked around in accessory closet to find something to pair with it. Found an antique bronze-tone button on a safety pin and an ivory lace sash/scarflet from the fabric-by-the-pound shop back in Phoenix. Gathered the lace on the pin, with the button as a centerpiece. Fixed a hairpin on to clip it to some part of my person, using a spare twist-tie. The little lights don't fit into it anywhere, but it's still very pretty. I can use it either as a token hat (as a woman of European descent, going completely bareheaded in a steampunk scene strikes me as rather more bold than I actually am, not quite to say obscene, but...) or as the female equivalent of the necktie.

I have yet to figure out what, exactly, will get the lights.

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