March 9th, 2010

tech support, stupid

(feeling like a dead duck)

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12:14 AM 3/9/2010
While rebooting, Connie started chirruping into her English class. Also, the You Worthless Lot Are Going To Be Sysadmins, Huh? professor named himself. Please welcome Professor Young into the cast of Circle of Fire. Connie's next class is "Anguished English", taught by Tamara. (The humor volume of that particular name got Connie into serious trouble in the 4th grade, when she was meant to be silently reading, but could not keep herself from laughing.)

2:06 AM 3/9/2010
Mike has told me that "I put on my robe and wizard hat" is in fact an unironic prelude to sexytimes between him and Connie (particularly given his fixation on Raistlin/Crysania smut, which is what *proves* that they're an AU, because I *cannot find it* in the quantities that he *reads* it).
When Syne said that perhaps we should not ask Connie what she thinks of this, because Connie might *tell* us, Connie raised her hand very politely. (Unlike Mike, she does not usually just shout it out.)
Connie conveyed that really, no matter what it was that Mike is doing, if he's doing it in the name of sexytimes, she finds it breathtaking because *he's* so wonderful and sweet and adorable. (And I was sort of embarrassed to be there because she's clearly so in love with him, and he with her.)
[personal profile] wibbble asked, "What about a dead duck?"
Connie's first reaction was "EWWW".
Mike's reaction was "That reminds me of that news story about the necrophiliac drake..."
Connie switched from "EWWWW" to whacking somewhat ineffectually at Mike, because EWWWWWW.
#dw is being supportive now. <3

2:31 AM 3/9/2010
... (a little too much sausage for the briefs) (he went thattaway)

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