March 11th, 2010

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Epiphany: how I wasn't constantly abused by the gender binary growing up

The following is a long, rambling narrative of personal discovery on the topic of gender. Relevant to the topic: how my parents very carefully shielded me from everything they could of the sexism inherent in the world, and restrictive gender roles. They tried for gender-neutral options when they could (I think there is *one* photoset of me as a baby in pink and frills, which ends with me assertively untying the bow and drooling on it), and did not attempt to discourage us from any interest based on presumed gender-appropriateness.

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But. There but for the wisdom of my parents go I. I'm not allergic to being called 'she', and prefer female pronouns when I'm not plural, but I might well have been if I'd been subjected to the worst of it at a tender age.

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Netbook: proper fucked

Connie's classes also include Vague Cultural Sensitivity (Sociology), You Took This Math in High School Right? (Algebra) & Try Not To Set It On Actual Fire OK? ("Computer Systems" (tear-it-apart-and-put-it-together class))

3:16 AM 3/10/2010
Drewface has been plotting meta. Pointed out that there are more layers than he thinks.

3:34 AM 3/10/2010
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10:08 AM 3/10/2010
Have come up with classes for Raven and Mike; I will get them into a class schedule later. (I do not do this because it is important for the audience to know their class schedule. I do this because it is important for continuity that their class schedule be solid and sane, to provide an underlying structure of time-grounding and realism. You cannot just go fight demons: you have to actually attend class. Some of the classes may never be relevant to the plot and may never show up except for when Connie needs to mention a class she's doing homework for, or has a test in.

In keeping with the Connie-is-not-actually-me theme, Connie does not get the faceblindness, because it is one throwaway joke. In any case, Connie would have had less of an opportunity to keep the faceblindness; she was raised differently.

5:18 PM 3/10/2010
Inbox looking a little more tame.

Not entirely diurnal today either, nope.

5:32 PM 3/10/2010
I am consumed with giggles at the name of [community profile] shareandsharealike, which is a comm for fic/meta with consensual non-monogamy. I would guess that definitely one, maybe two, possibly three of the people reading my journal know why that's so.

5:59 PM 3/10/2010
I think the "kinkmeme" format fic festival has done a lot to encourage new authors. Why? Because there are no expectations that any given person will do something (no pressure), and no need to sign your name to something unless you want to.

The format here:
A kind fan creates a journal specific to the kink meme, and allows anonymous commenting, and sets out rules for the party, including what fandom(s) and theme(s) are allowed. Often this is for a Great Big Movie that's just been released. The rules include people leaving prompts (within the bounds of the themes allowed by the rules), anonymously or under their own names as they choose, people filling the prompts (again, anonymously or not), and people thanking the authors.

7:01 PM 3/10/2010
I am ow, just a bit. Lacey mentioned ... something. Or other. I think it was hot tubbing. But that sounds like a wonderful, wonderful plan right now.

9:10 PM 3/10/2010
Thaaat went well. (Already told Twitter and IRC about this) So I got to the hot tub, and the key that I thought was supposed to be the hot tub key? Didn't work. And the crash bar didn't respond to hopeful prodding over the top from my cane. Disappointing. Will be going to the office tomorrow to inquire about the key.

This would have been, what, the second time I'd attempted to go to the hot tub while living here? The first time, I was having key troubles but the people already in there let me in and said that the lock was a lemon. This time, nobody there. :(

10:17 PM 3/10/2010
Aiiigh, meat-juice-leak in refrigerator. :(

11:23 PM 3/10/2010
The more I look at the world of the strongly-gender-binaried, the more I realize how ever-loving miserable I would be in that world. [The remainder of this ramble got long.] This lengthy epiphany is brought to us by that icon meme on DW (which I really have too many icons for) and the examination of Connie's life.

3:04 AM 3/11/2010
(but I don't have any messages) So sometime during the writing of that long screed, I checked my voicemail. Hello, Best Buy. What's that you say? The hard drive and RAM on Disaster Area are proper fucked? Great. D:
What's that you say? They're not actually covered by the manufacturer's warranty? And not a year after I purchased it? And the cost to replace them is going to be upwards of $200?
[personal profile] exor674 provided a sanity check, for which I am very happy, saying that actually that's a pretty reasonable estimate for a replacement 2.5" SATA HD and netbook-sized RAM.

At the very least, they have tested it for me, and confirmed that it's not just the hard drive. I FEEL FANTASTIC, WHY DO YOU ASK?

3:20 AM 3/11/2010
I don't think I'm going to ask what else could go wrong, because many things could, and I do not think that I would like to know what they are.

6:19 AM 3/11/2010
Hmm. I seem to still be awake! Perhaps today is a good day for the farmers market!

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