March 15th, 2010

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3:31 PM 3/13/2010
On third cup of coffee. (Note: I have caffeine perhaps once a week or less these days, so this is significant.) Booted up Madman earlier; decided just now that it was time to unboot him as he was running more slowly than he was at the start. I have been using him with caution for a few hours at a time when I need to get something fast and big-screen done.

3:33 PM 3/13/2010
Rebooty time.

3:37 PM 3/13/2010
The LF is as tall as his mom now. OMG. Size 13 feet. Am reminded of the teenage roosters and their long yellow legs. He's only EV's age! (Granted, his mom is kind of short, 5'4" ... which, um, that's actually a perfectly kind of average height for a woman, and a decent height for any 13 year old kid...)

5:19 PM 3/13/2010
I get a voiceover in my head when I'm actually reading things and they make sense. Otherwise I have to sound them out. (I also get subtitles when I hear things, but far less visually than the voiceover is audible.)

5:42 PM 3/13/2010
The Dystopia sitescheme is not Omelas. When you walk away from Dystopia, you can come back:

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2:23 PM 3/14/2010
Oh huh. It's Pi Day.
Oh huh. And I also just so happened to have leftover steak in the refrigerator, from that salad the other day.

12:09 AM 3/15/2010
Well, that was a sleep-type sort of flub. Managed to stay awake until 6pmish, was never really awake enough to call best friend, crashed hard until just a bit ago.

7:00 AM 3/15/2010
Seem to have developed a new crush on a person. Entertaining for all bystanders, I'm sure. They haven't the first clue, given that a) it's an internet-only crush, and b) I doubt I've made any indication on this front to them.

7:12 AM 3/15/2010
Suggestions queue is clear!

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