March 19th, 2010


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1:30 AM 3/19/2010
"Lube is not a condiment. Not even flavored versions." -- Drewface

"Don't stick your dick in crazy."
"At this point, crazy is the colorful candy coating on my dick."

12:30 PM 3/19/2010
I can smell the spring outside. My allergies are starting to act up, oh boy oh boy oh boy! I think I still have some of the non-drowsy stuff left.

1:23 PM 3/19/2010
One of this morning's pages I got linked to: Cat-Calling, "Bystander Sexism," and How Sexual Harassment Hurts Men. That sort of exploded into an essay.

11:34 PM 3/19/2010
So just as I was thinking, "Huh, peach jam on graham crackers does make kind of a lousy supper", my phone zinged in a voicemail from my aunt. (The phone hadn't made the ringy noise.) Walkies! So I asked if I should bring my crocheting, and we went for a walk with the poodle. (Deacon is still spinning back up; he had a relapse of his stiffowie, and is on the Metacam again. She keeps taking him off it once he's better again, and then he's fine for a while, and then ZING, back to the horrible stiff pain for the poor fellow, and then back on again. Not sure if keeping him on it full time is the answer, though.)

Headed back to my aunt's house; there was an issue with the convection oven and the microwave being on at once, and then the pizza got slightly crispier than wanted. Too many nuts in the salad earwormed me with too many dicks on the dance floor. We established that on certain fronts, I am completely tactless, and also, the complete inability of mine to lie to my best friend is probably a good thing. My aunt wanted to know details about a particular bit of the gossip of the moment; I had none. I made inquiries with Niq, but came up without data from that front (the social groups do not connect, apparently).

Watched 1.5 and 1.6 of Red Dwarf. Good stuff.

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