March 28th, 2010

golden gate bridge, san francisco

Is there life outside my apartment?

9:09 AM 3/25/2010
IT WON'T BE A DULL DAY!! (my head is playing music at me again.)

1:26 PM 3/25/2010
Current contents of my fruit bowl:
3 v. large mandarin oranges
3 avocadoes, still softening
5 jars (3 large & homemade, 2 small Harry & David sample size, all from aunt) jam/other preserves
1 (partial) package candied (not crystallized) ginger
1 bag bread (sourdough, 2 slices remaining)

I may have to re-think this "fruit bowl" concept.

3:17 PM 3/25/2010
All OMG HOW MANY!?!? cans of soup have been put on their designated shelf. If a moderately large earthquake hits and I'm washing dishes, I'll have a) more than that to worry about, but b) probably an assault with a determined torrent of soup cans.

Later tonight: dinner with both paternal-line aunts! Glee! (Emotion, not show.)

2:14 AM 3/26/2010
This morning's fun: farmers market, Target, some mild housecleaning, and the rediscovery that HEY, even 10% bleach water and black clothing REALLY DON'T MIX.
Tonight's fun: crocheting with aunts, dinner with aunts, YouTube with aunts, the tail end of tonight's SPN with Tif, JD, Teshi, and Ase, an introduction to why JD's hard drive and Tif's notoriously cranky TV-box-thing hate each other and don't want to talk, followed by Weeds. I am pleased to see that there is at least one functional and loving family on the show as an antidote to the many "these are horrible people and I really want the hitting to commence" suburbanites.
Then I called Drewface on my way home to whine about the HORRIBLE TRAUMA of Mike and Connie being Mike and Connie (circa Sunday) at me.

9:24 AM 3/26/2010
Re: Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman: [this turned into a Long Thing about how my brain works with trust, and deserved a separate entry.]

[15:26] sithjawa: IS LUBE LUBE?
[15:26] AzureLunatic: maybe.
[15:43] sithjawa: COCK IS A PURPOSE

10:52 PM 3/26/2010
Surreal things about today: watching Weeds with my uncle. (Aunt-Fayoumis was having a crafting crisis, I was looking up help for her, and he was watching something familiar-looking on Netflix.)

2:09 AM 3/27/2010
A good time was had by all.
Went over to aunt's. Guide Dog Aunt, Aunt-Fayoumis, the poodle, and I all went for a walk (down to the first bench). Deacon is getting very creaky, and my aunt doesn't trust that he'll be able to hold his own if dogs there get rowdy with him. She is not sure how many more walks there he has left in him. He's eleven, and she's getting increasingly aware of his mortality and his quality of life.
Poodle-farts can be *deadly*. Just so you know.
Dinner followed. I crocheted, and Aunt-Fayoumis worked on a camera project of hers. I declared to raranax that avocadoes were NOT LUBE.
The Thursday night funtimes featured Tif sharing Weeds with us, to see what we thought of it; I thought it was hilarious but JD was not as amused (the PTA moms are horrible people, and it had a lot of suburbia). When I wandered into the computer room to look something up for Aunt-Fayoumis, I vaguely recognized some actors on whatever it was that Guide Dog Uncle was watching. I wandered back in, and recognized more. Yep. Weeds. Highly amused.
Stopped by Safeway on the way home for bread. Realized when I popped out of the car that I'd not grabbed my cane. Opted to do the quick little shopping trip without cane. Success! (I sometimes don't use it at Trader Joe's as well.)
MissKat called sometime after I got home. I did not fail the football field today! (Uh, that means that I successfully answered the phone when it rang. Also, that the phone successfully rang.)

8:14 AM 3/27/2010
Not officially awake yet.

12:48 PM 3/27/2010
Officially awake (been so for a couple hours). Got River Lies in my head. (the album, Stars Fall Home, at CD Baby.) No idea why.

3:05 PM 3/27/2010
Mary-Louise Parker is very pretty.

11:24 PM 3/27/2010
Went on walk with aunt after she got back from tango, with both dogs. Deacon was looking very sad so she brought him along, and she worried about him the whole walk, and after he started to look like he was limping we turned around, lacking maybe 20 yards to the water fountain. Then Dazzle looked like he was going to hork up something, but didn't. She dropped me off so I could grab my car in case things went too late, then we had dinner and watched a movie. This time it was Saving Grace, which makes two destitute-widow-tries-to-support-herself-by-selling-weed plots I've watched in as many days. Then we went online and watched some Bill Bailey comedy, given that he was in the movie and I enjoyed him.

Tomorrow there will be *ominous music* THE POTTING OF SUCCULENTS II: SUCC MORE. Also it will be time for my weekly call to the best friend, and perhaps this time I can avoid giggling in my sleeve about mistaken assumptions.

1:02 AM 3/28/2010
Have belatedly got the plan of my apartment grabbed and uploaded.
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