March 30th, 2010

zarhooie is my braintwin, Get On My Horse

A lot of people don't get me and Kat at first.

[personal profile] zarhooie and I have been in a number of the same social circles since like forever. There's even evidence that we've talked before -- her old AIM login is on my contacts list, filed away in the NaNoWriMo section, and we've commented on the same things and back and forth with each other.

Then the Dreamwidth project started up, and we both wound up in #dw, the (now-legacy) IRC channel devoted to it. (Current channel is #dreamwidth on And everybody in IRC gets to know everybody else pretty well.

So MissKat was driving the hellishly long drive from whichever Dakota she's doing the college thing in, to "the proper coast", her parents' place in MA. And she needed someone, or several someones, to keep her company on the phone as she drove. This epic trip started on May 20, 2009. By a week later, we were texting back and forth about purple hair problems, and shortly thereafter, we were calling each other just about every night.

This was not something I had planned for. Kat was going to be one of those people I knew, and we would know each other, and exist alongside each other in IRC and volunteerland, and life would be jolly. But no. Somehow Kat was actually part of my life, and attempting to pry each other loose had become unthinkable, nearly as unthinkable as attempting to imagine a life that did not include my best friend. It came on much too fast to think of avoiding it.

As so often happens with IRC compatriots, we shared funny links back and forth. We giggled over the same things. We started making references to the same things. We started saying the same things at the same moments, finishing each other's sentences. We declared each other braintwins.

It would be easy in theory for braintwins to fall in love, but that just hasn't happened and isn't really likely to. Both of us seem to go for men more often, she was dating someone else when we became braintwins, I'm of course still madly in love with my best friend, and there just doesn't seem to be any romance between us. Not that we don't joke about getting married, in the way that close friends occasionally do. But ... probably not, no.

We're braintwins. We can usually figure out what the other is going to think about something (but when we get it wrong, the results can be spectacular). We shout "SHUT UP WOMAN GET ON MY HORSE" at each other. We call each other horrible horrible things, because we know we love each other and we know where most of the sore spots are and how to avoid them, and we laugh when someone calls either of us a "nice person". (Sweet, we may be. Goodhearted, perhaps. A good public front, definitely. Not nice.) We are converting each other to the fandoms that we don't already share. We are converting each other to the music that we don't already share. Our circles of friends are starting to interlock more and more. We call at unexpected times because we got a feeling we should. I would be entirely unsurprised if we started sharing dreams.

So, yeah. Kat. Me. Braintwins.

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