March 31st, 2010

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2:00 PM 3/28/2010
Hey, people who use Facebook? If you want Facebook to never show you a particular person again, block them. Go to the profile you never want to see, and click the link or button or whatever it is to block them. The X in the corner of the suggested friend only closes that recommendation for now. It does not stop Facebook from recommending that person to you again. Bonus: when this person is someone you know but don't like, that means that they can't contact you.

Sadly, there is so far no way to block a particular person on your Facebook friends list from sending you fan page recommendations, nor a way to block a particular fan page from being recommended to you. I am confident that this is an oversight on their part, and that multiple other people will also send in suggestions to fix this oversight.

2:17 PM 3/28/2010
Called aunt. She's having trouble getting out of bed, let alone the door. Rescheduled for tomorrow. \o/

2:04 AM 3/29/2010
Earwormed: IT'S A GOD. DAMN. ARMS. RACE!!
And speaking of earworms, it's mostly me and [personal profile] cadenzamuse top-level in [community profile] earwormhole these days. DW users! DW users who get earwormed! Go forth! Share the earworms! You don't have to do it up all proper like I like to, share away!

9:47 AM 3/29/2010
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2:42 PM 3/29/2010
Age of Sail anonymous kink meme ahoy:

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