May 2nd, 2010

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TREE. Also, spoily thoughts on Mythbusters "No Pain, No Gain"

4:48 PM 4/28/2010
This has been earworming me for the past little while, due to it being featured on the radio so much:
One Eskimo, "Kandi" Lyrics

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4:50 PM 4/28/2010
Baking bacon. JD got hailstones and I didn't. JD says I should bring over some bacon. :D

10:06 AM 4/29/2010
Dinner last night involved artichokes. Since I was cooking them, I figured I might as well write down my recipe. It's here: Artichokes for the Terrified: Boiling
Anyone who has another preferred recipe can feel free to do other parts of the series if they feel up to it.

1:06 PM 4/29/2010
I won at Farmer's Market again. Half a dozen eggs ("Getting a dozen is cheaper!" the helpful lady told me. "They last for weeks!" "I might not use all these by then," I said ruefully. I got half a dozen last time, only managed to use four, and then when I tested the remaining two the other day, they floated in fresh cold water. D: Soooo time for new eggs.), three baskets of strawberries, two pounds of sugar snap peas (the kind JD does not like unless the delicious pods are stripped from them), some mandarin oranges, a miniature lava cake, and kettle corn.

I agree with [personal profile] rydra_wong that perhaps there should be a comm for sharing what one's winnings from this game are this week.

3:24 AM 4/30/2010
SPN spoiley,ish
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11:53 AM 4/30/2010
There's a call out for LiveJournal beta testers:
It can be very fun to poke and try and break stuff, and poke and see if stuff still works right.

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2:31 PM 4/30/2010
Looks like ProPay pulled a PayPal on Literary Underworld:

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4:26 PM 4/30/2010
5a) It is inconceivable that, in 100,000 years, absolutely no humans developed Neanderthal fetishes.
Not Up to the Task, a Sailor Jim short on time travel.
There's discussion going on in parts of the greater pagan community about an ethics statement in which sexual abusers attempting to shelter their abuse under a sex-positive pagan umbrella are kicked to the curb. Because we don't roll that way, yo.

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Horribly scary weeping angel icon can be found here. Seriously, I had to scroll up so I can stand to still have that page open. Those things made quite the impression on me.

1:28 PM 5/1/2010
My hobby is sometimes very interesting.

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Stuff was carried up. Due to actual parking, I could hang out for a bit, and thus we watched Mythbusters "No Pain, No Gain" as Tif put stuff away. This was the episode I'd tried to volunteer for. Sanjay their medic got some screen time!!!! He is *awesome*, even from just the five minutes I got to interact with him while being screened out from volunteering.

Due to cryptic statements on Twitter in the days leading up to the volunteering, I actually had a good idea of what was in store for the volunteers. Collapse )

One of my LJ associates volunteered, and did go through the whole rigamarole, but (alas!) they didn't use her footage in the actual episode.

It was still amazingly fun to watch, knowing that I had a tiny part in the whole thing.

And happy Beltane!

DOT DOT DOT. I will NOT have sex with @jonathancoulton today. @donttrythis Great. I guess this new Jamie Hyneman mask was a complete waste of money.

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