May 6th, 2010

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No Pain, No Gain: my (first!) Mythbusters volunteer experience

So perhaps I have not mentioned that I volunteered to be a test subject for a Mythbusters myth? And "No Pain, No Gain" has aired in the US, so I can give my details now! They had a (quite reasonable) gag order on spoilers, and I decided to err on the side of safety, plus my netbook died, taking my draft entry with it.

They had a call out on Twitter for volunteers.

I fit in the woman over 18 who has never had children demographic (they were also asking for women who had given birth to children w/o epidural, men, and redheads, all over 18; one of the first thoughts included "What, a Redheaded League myth?") so I emailed in. I was among the people who did so in time to be signed up, and fit the criterion of general good health.

The presence of "without epidural" and redheads suggested to me that pain was going to be involved, since apparently redheads burn through anaesthesia faster than people of other hair colors. The paperwork they sent mentioned that there was a chance of "discomfort", and if we had a problem, we had to tell them immediately. And they told us to be prepared to get Cold And Wet.

Later... "[#MBMole] Half a tonne of ice just arrived on set. This afternoon is going to be messy"

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And then Adam confirmed what they were doing:
Doing pain threshold testing all day here at the shop. 85 test subjects so far! The results are pretty awesome so far. Results get better by the minute.
Then, disaster:
No more tweeting from me because our test subjects are READING TWITTER! You guys ruined it for everyone. Calm down everyone. Just no more tweeting about today's experiments. I'm sticking around.

Then they sprung it on the build team. Grant was apprehensive. And isolated. And cursing a blue streak.

Later this morning, I will head off to be part of another large crowd of Mythbusters volunteers. I do not anticipate that I will get exploded, trampled, stung by bees, crawled on by tarantulas, or anything like that, but you never know. (Actually, I'm very pleased by their general care for the well-being of their volunteers, which is why I'm volunteering again.)

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