May 10th, 2010

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Upgrade for the win!

1:10 PM 5/7/2010
Waiting not-so-patiently for UPS.

1:12 PM 5/7/2010

1:41 PM 5/7/2010
Dear Sprint,
You have two "I want to..." boxes. One is a sidebar. It does NOT have "activate a new phone". One comes up when you click a link. It DOES. That's the one I was looking for. BAD UI, GUYS, VERY BAD FUCKING UI.

2:23 PM 5/7/2010
Whee, time to chat with an agent. I get v. v. pedantic when chatting with tech support.

3:53 AM 5/8/2010
Learned how to connect the Palm Pixi with a bluetooth headset. You must poke the topmost bar with the time, then switch the bluetooth to on, and then it gives you a thingy! And make sure your headset is in pairing mode. (Very glad I remembered how to make mine do that!!)

So, yes, it was finally time to upgrade; the free upgrade option that was a smartphone was a Palm Pixi. I have wireless internet in my own bed again. <3 <3

The reception seems to be better in my apartment than the old phone.

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Party at the Smith-Proulx house: awesome!

Dreamwidth party Friday: great fun! Many people.

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The party was still small when we got there. Mark announced to IRC that with JD's arrival, he was no longer the only man at the party. :D We saw the bowl of chocolate rocks, and Mark announced his glee about the spoons. SPOONS. :D :D :D

I hastily finished the sheep. I tried to be subtle, but I didn't quite succeed -- [personal profile] iseebi spotted me, spotted it, and asked, "IS THAT A DREAMSHEEP?!?" in a tone that fortunately didn't carry as much as I feared. I made the panic-shush-face, finished stuffing it, finished sewing its little head on, and presented it. :D :D :D

Among the first comments were, from D: "Where did you get the pattern?" and then, after I pointed smugly to my head, "You need to put the pattern up on Ravelry." :D :D :D

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Crocheted dreamsheep with white wool and black feet and face on top of a bookshelf.

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Mira Grant's FEED: a book review of sorts, and a party report!

Still with the catching up! This has been a very eventful week so far. Wednesday: out of commission sleeping. Thursday: Mythbusters, TV night. Friday: phone, party. Saturday: walk with aunt starting basically the instant I got out of bed (she'd IMed me one minute before, then I had enough time to dress and totally forgot to eat before we went on the walk), then a groceries run (first half with aunt, second half without, but I really needed the second half so it wasn't optional), then food omg, shower, and an hour late to the reading/party at Borderlands with Mira Grant (the evil twin/pen name of the fabulous seanan_mcguire).

I have acquired and read FEED, a novel of a political campaign and its media coverage a few decades after the zombie apocalypse. I enjoyed it and probably could have read the entire trilogy in a row quite cheerfully, as long as I didn't have to walk in the dark after that. I recommended it to my best friend without reservations and with a large amount of squeeful joy. He doubts my assertion that the author likes the Evil Dead musical more than he does, but I have met them both and ... yes, my dear best friend is more generally quiet than Seanan, and I know him far better... but ... I still think she likes it more. :-P

For the rest of you, I have a few questions before I would recommend it. While it might be a beautiful world where I could say "Read this! You will love it!" to everyone, the sad fact of the matter is that there are some people I know and love, like Mama, who would not enjoy this.

What are your thoughts on the undead?
Will you be overly upset that this is not actually the RSS wars, just bloggers covering the ongoing zombie wars?
Are you particularly attached to any large cities with a particularly dense population, and/or [spoiler]?
Have you recently lost a loved one to cancer or the common cold (or complications caused by same)?
Are you against vaccination?
Will you be upset that this is not the book that talks about the outbreak itself, but deals with the aftermath about two decades down the line?
Do you have any mammalian house pets 40 pounds in weight or larger, and/or unsecured glass windows that something of this size could get in? Do you have to regularly walk past any large friendly dogs?
Are you open to a zombie book that is light on the zombie encounters, and heavy on the political intrigue, but with the serious complications including the undead?
Do you require romance/shippiness in a story?
Do you have a sense of humor?
Senator Ryman, are you soft on zombies?

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There were people, and conversation, and naked cats, and general good times. Seanan read "Gimme A 'Z'!", which involved the Fighting Pumpkins cheerleaders, and zombies. Of course. There were also CUPCAKES, from Cups and Cakes Bakery, in flavors including candy corn, YOUR BRAIN, carrot cake, red velvet, and goodness knows what. These are tiny tiny little cupcakes about an inch in diameter, in different exciting flavors. The BRAIN CAKES had grey-pink almond frosting, and a surprise cherry at the top of the cupcake just under the frosting. The cherry made me giggle so much, so very much.

There was talk of a possible anthology, once the trilogy has wrapped up, where Seanan asks all her friends-who-write if they would like to contribute -- no guarantees about making it in, but if people want to destroy something... Our Meg bounced, and asked if she could pretty please destroy Anchorage. I later volunteered my services as 20 year Alaskan, in a note with my email address, a reminder that I am notable by my purple hat, and a helpful illustration of a virus-maddened bull moose charging.

At one point, Seanan related how the publisher or someone asked if anything unforgivable had happened. Collapse )

There were many publishing-related adventures, including the tale of Ghost the homicidal cat. Basically, Seanan is hilarious and has hilarious stories, and proves "there is no such thing as *halfway* in the frog pond" more often than I do.

As things shut down, Tif and I headed out; we got dinner and talked characters, then I went home. I was finally able to finish reading the book Sunday; this did lead to a twitter update pretty much consisting of D,,,: at some ungodsly hour of the evening. But the ending restored my faith and hope. Yay!

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