May 12th, 2010


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Beltane in Santa Cruz

So I woke up and hit the computer on Beltane after having been out way late with Tif the previous evening (monthly shopping expedition), and JD pounced me, and proposed a trip to Santa Cruz, leaving right then or the nearest approximation of same. JD's plans included beach! and arcade! with DDR! First trip of the summer!

Amazingly, I felt like I was just about ready to go, provided I got clothes on and rent paid. I dumped stuff in one of the great big blue IKEA tote bags, got into my bathing suit with a skirt and the bathrobe I use for swimming-coverup purposes on over. I detoured by the office to pay rent; all told, that part took the longest.

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The sun started to sink, and I realized that I should go out on the beach while there was still light to do so. I sent JD a text message advising him of this, and then prepared to hit the beach. I sprayed myself with sunscreen. I did not realize until the sunscreen was actually spraying that it would come out in little white foaming droplets: my previous spray-on sunscreen was transparent oily mist. So of course here I was, spraying my generous cleavage with a splatter of white droplets. A nearby older fellow passing by (40s or 50s, which is SCARILY CLOSE TO MY OWN AGE RANGE NOW) gave me an appreciative and cheerful cheer/leer.

The water was fucking cold. But, NO PAIN NO GAIN. I stepped into the water. It was, after all, Beltane. I silently said a few words.

I took off my sandals, set down my towel and bag, and cavorted shoeless in the waves. I found a few shells, including "Is that a sand penny?" JD showed up, and yeah, the water was cold. I snapped a few pictures of Beach JD who Needs A Haircut; he sort of did look like the quintessential Surfer Dude, except minus the board.

JD on the beach with the ocean behind him at sunset. Full length, profile. He is wearing sandals, long tropical-flowered blue and white swimming shorts, a dark t-shirt, and sunglasses, carrying a towel. His curly hair is shaggier than usual and its natural dark blond; he has a week's worth of beard stubble.

JD skipped ahead and located the footwash; we got all the sand off our feet. My attention was attracted by the dude with the hammer game; I did not win the prize, but I did get a consolation blow-up hammer. IT SQUEAKS. I HAVE A SQUEAKY BANHAMMER NOW.

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Here's to the next beach trip!

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