May 17th, 2010

moon, blue moon


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2:16 PM 5/11/2010
Chatter in Syne's journal about modesty, skill, and the difference between applied skill and teaching; my meta is starting to go off here

5:23 PM 5/11/2010
Yay chatted with the LF in between cleaning. (OMG EV, he's *younger than you*.)

1:05 AM 5/12/2010
Yay Glee was fun. Picked up Tif from work, ran by Trader Joe's, had dinner with the boys, watched Glee (oh, Puck, you embody the fail sometimes; oh, Finn, you do too), took Tif home.

Someone stumbled into my journal a year later and asked in comments for some updates to the Differences between LJ and DW entry; I made with the wall-o'-txt. There were a whole lot of great LJ feature upgrades during the last year, not the least of which was the a la carte userpics. I didn't go through the code tours in dw_dev as much as I might have in the process of making same. Maybe I can later.

1:45 AM 5/12/2010
Got in an argument with Mike last night about zombies. He thinks that I have not issued him sufficient zombies, after he read Feed. I think he may be ON FUCKING CRACK. Pleh. HOW IS THIS MY LIFE. (This is, by the way, the Mike who exists in my head and in the Cracked Phoenix trilogy. The fictional one.)

3:55 PM 5/12/2010
If you are out drinking with your friends, if your friends let you drink enough so that you pass out, you may need a better class of friends. (I recognize that opinions differ on this portion.)
Pranking drunken/sleeping/passed out friends is an old and noble tradition, but these pranks really ought to be basically harmless, or you need a better class of friends. (Opinions may differ here too, but I'm not actually listening to anyone's arguments from here on down.)
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9:49 PM 5/12/2010
Perhaps Wednesdays are now down on my biological datebook as "let's sleep the better part of 12 hours today". I curl up with a book, and WHAM.

4:08 AM 5/13/2010
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4:45 AM 5/13/2010

3:35 AM 5/14/2010
Perhaps I have not mentioned it lately, but [personal profile] jd is effectively my little brother. I mention this because Drewface hadn't realized it.

10:19 AM 5/14/2010
Last night: first there was the season finale for SPN, then there was Iron Man 2.
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Iron Man 2:
It still thrills me that I can see Russian in the wild and sometimes pick out a word or two. (Now to see if I can ever level that up...) Whenever there was Russian text onscreen I was peering at it to see if I could sound it out or read it.
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Should probably send email to best friend inquiring about how he actually let me go on this long without watching the first Iron Man movie.

11:43 am Saturday 15th May (remote to what now?)

5:30am, 17th May 2010, Monday
Been dogsitting. Yay dogsitting. Yay dogs. Sleep schedule = kerblooie. Those what follow Suggestions can see that I was entertaining myself. Those what follow my Twitter updates (on Twitter or the LJ archives of same) will see random dog pictures. Been afk of my primary computer & therefore not in IRC much.

Best friend's response to my perfectly sane query re: movies: "I AM IRON MAN:P" Never change, dearheart.

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