May 20th, 2010

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Dogsitting, sex ed, drugs, and attack of the killer artichokes.

12:36 PM 5/18/2010
Unhelpful but evocative phrases: "Fell out of the ugly tree, and hit their face on every branch going down." (Sometimes certain people and I should not be left to talk with each other; we are a horrible influence on each other.)

1:05 PM 5/18/2010

[18:13] remark> or magic.
[18:13] remark> CHANNEL POLL: would a faraday cage serve as an effective shield against avada kedavra?
[18:13] woggy> Negatory.
[18:15] mathsnerd> double negatory
[18:15] exor674> just cover yourself in live rodents!

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[23:01] jld> JDC is totally huffing the angel food cake.
[23:03] JDC> it smells good dammit
[23:03] JDC> *_*
[23:03] JDC> pastry bliss.

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3:01 PM 5/19/2010
Have been installed in office of $dogsittees' home; have figured out the right combination of things to buttonmash on the remotes with a bit of guidance about what needs turning on and that it was the two separate remotes (if I ever get a system of that complexity, you bet your ass there's going to be whiteout and highlighter, and corresponding colored dots on pieces of equipment), and the all-important Discovery Channel located (Comcast in Pacifica, it's channel 15).

Dog is friendly, waggy, half-deaf, 14, a Black Lab mix that's going white on the muzzle and on the feet, and hasn't wanted Outside when I've offered it. There will be walkies later. For now, I think it's time for a nap.

8:28 AM 5/20/2010
I should probably officially mention that I've set up a ... actually third ... Twitter account, but one that I'm using more often than the second. I'm normally @azurelunatic, with a second account that I don't publicize. That one is for easily logging time and such details as I see fit to share about my magic/religious practice (I don't follow anyone on that account, nor do I check its replies, so there's no need to add it if you're reading this journal). Now I've set up @squeemachine so I can chatter as much as I like while still showing consideration on my main account for my followers who aren't fannish about the same things, and/or are avoiding spoilers.

10:33 AM 5/20/2010
I have been in an amazingly good mood this morning, starting from when I first set foot out of bed, even before I took my meds. Coming home with OMGYAY from the farmer's market has just made this better. I think lunch is going to involve a fry-up and garlic toast.

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11:41 AM 5/20/2010
On my checklist for mental health: radio. Because canned music gets too repetitive after a while, though sometimes it's the perfect thing. But the silence wears on me more than I thought it does.

The Logical Song just came on, and I spun around the kitchen floor kicking off in my slippery stockings. Though to be fair, I started dancing when it was "Carry On My Wayward Son". (103.7 FM, for locals.)

Fanfiction as reaction to the creation

12:19 PM 5/20/2010
The phrase that came into my head some while ago, "Help me crate the rooster of the night", which was of course to the tune of a well-known Andrew Lloyd Weber song, and illustrated by Ursula Vernon, with two people in heavily padded protective gear attempted to stuff a stroppy Black Langshan rooster into a large cat/small dog crate, has started echoing around my head again, with bonus backstory starting to trickle in. Oh, I wish sometimes that I was just able to let people into my head to see, because translating it is sometimes a bit of bother. Oil pastels, I think, or maybe acrylic, and a graphic novel.

I have no idea why night-chickens even exist, or how, or what relation they have to nighthorses [probably none, not even in the same universe, but it may be chicken:night-chicken::horse:nighthorse], but the universe has the feeling of a black velvet painting -- lush and slightly sleazy.

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9:39 PM 5/20/2010
Speech about sex and drugs, also accomplished. I shall reproduce/paraphrase the bulk of it here, although I imagine that there are not so many people I know who would be in need of it. This is, uh, rather less nuanced than many lectures on same; this is aimed at the spots I personally found lacking in public school education in the mid-1990s.

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