May 24th, 2010


Suspicious chicken is suspicious.

1:59 PM 5/22/2010
If you have an idea that you are gathering facts to support, it is a "hypothesis", not a "theory". The scientific community thanks you for your attention to this detail.

If you are on Twitter and you post nothing of actual interest, I will never recommend you for "follow friday". Double if you don't even do it regularly. Likewise, if you don't think I'm interesting in my own right and that other people who don't know me should be interested in my natterings, then don't recommend me for "follow friday" either.

5:57 PM 5/22/2010

10:51 AM 5/23/2010
Last night was kind of dire. Right now there is a painful hole in my mouth due to unwanted tooth-flesh interface. Collapse )

10:58 AM 5/23/2010
Things that make me happy: a suspicious-looking hen riding around on a goat. (Link not available.) And "suspicious-looking" of course prompts the question, Collapse )

4:19 PM 5/23/2010
That was a lot of sleep. I suppose I probably needed it. Very glad to be back from dogsitting: fun, but it's not my own little cave.

2:50 AM 5/24/2010
Birthday cheer for [personal profile] tiferet has been accomplished! Glad I was able to make it. (The day after something big = really not much useful anything out of me.) There was chili and Doctor Who and cake.

I really appreciate that I live and socialize in a world where I can say "Ten was my first Doctor" and have that immediately understood. We started in on the 9th Doctor and funtimes were had by all. Things we learned included: JD is shallow sometimes. Tom Baker is not often seen as a sex object. Rose, catlike, spends much of her time on the wrong side of locked doors. My phone functions as satnav, so perhaps I can see whether someone else local has need of a satnav with a missing power button.

My face is feeling lots better, due to hot saltwater and regular application of the hot rice-sock.

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Lime with base notes of orange, and almost cloying sweetness...

6:35 PM 5/24/2010

7:41 PM 5/24/2010
Google Analytics and an unfamiliar couple keywords led me through my archives and on a bit of a dive into; the result: I found the new home of a game I was playing in 2003:
It's a lovely typing game: type the letters streaming across the screen accurately, they explode, and you're rated for speed and accuracy.

9:32 PM 5/24/2010
Just crocheted color-coordinated leashes for both of my sets of traveling craft scissors. Small loop around the handle, long chain, larger loop at the other end, good for wrapping around the handle of a craft bag. One is on my afghan craft bag (big IKEA bag); the other is on my everyday black totebag. This, so I won't have to fish for them too much, so they aren't too awkward to use, so I don't cut myself on them yet again, and so it takes fewer pairs for me to reach a saturation point.

9:37 PM 5/24/2010
And for whatever reason, a while ago I wound up thinking about the Hermione Sue instances where Hermione goes home for the summer and comes back all gothed out and with a rebellious, depressed, angry personality transplant.

Hermione isn't just smart. She's also obsessive about rules Collapse )

10:17 PM 5/24/2010
Perfume of the day: BPAL: Katharina.
Perfume of the evening: Pepsi: Mountain Dew.
So my tote bag was getting fraught, so I dumped it all out to sort it out. And one of my pairs of scissors (not one of the ones with a leash) was in the mess/tangle. I tried to extract it. It's the very sharp pair that I cut myself with the other day. Naturally, the tip found the soft aluminum of the highly pressurized can. A fine spray of Mountain Dew (throwback, so it's real sugar to get sticky with) caught me square in the face. (Of course.) I clamped my finger over the hole, found a cup, found the sink, and allowed the overpressure to drain, then opened it and poured the rest in. So now my glasses are still slightly sticky, I smell slightly orange-lime, and I'm enjoying the rest of the Mountain Dew, from a cup, for once.

10:41 PM 5/24/2010
The Altoids box that holds the spare ink cartridges for my pen is now properly labeled. The other spare box that's been kicking around is now properly labeled and holds the hairpins that live by my desk. I used the whiteout pen that kicks around my desk.

10:43 PM 5/24/2010
Geek personality flaw: lecture-to-oblivion. (I could probably leave this item at that, and make my point for anyone who's ever witnessed it.) It combines the desire to educate or to make the point with a partial or complete obliviousness to the social signals that the other party is actually ready to move on. (Sometimes this is due to not giving a damn about the other party, sometimes this is due to lack of training or practice, and sometimes this is due to various disabilities in the area of sensitivity to the emotions of others.) Sometimes it's consciously employed as a weapon, particularly in flamewars.

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