May 26th, 2010

running, bomb tech

Cooking, crafting, computering. (With bonus minor Glee spoilers.)

12:41 AM 5/25/2010
Enjoying supper, tasty tasty supper: asparagus lightly boiled in chicken broth, with pepper, Canadian steak seasoning, mushrooms, and alfredo sauce, with macaroni, cubed cheddar cheese that sort of melted, and fried sausage. There will be leftovers.

1:27 AM 5/25/2010
Dessert: cherries. *bliss*
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5:55 AM 5/25/2010
As if the leashes for my scissors weren't enough, I crocheted a ... thing ... onto my rice-sock. The rice-sock is navy blue cotton, and thus hides really really well in my bed. I added a long dangly thing in screaming magenta, with two tails and a handle. The idea is that the screaming magenta bits will be visible from within the confusion that is my bed, and that the two long tails will trail in whatever direction they so choose, this being a direction that might actually be visible, at least one of them. The handle is there for kicks, and I was feeling slightly like I was crocheting a Thneed when I decided to add it.

6:00 AM 5/25/2010
There was radio, and thus there is earworm. I will go down with my ship. There will be no white flag above my door.

3:58 PM 5/25/2010
Dreamed something bizarrely science-fictiony that involved a weather satellite that was inhabited with lots of whiteboards, visitors allowed, gravity, and strange rules about bathrooms, and then dogs on the beach. Also semi-dreamed that I found the concentration point in my mind to press to turn pain from "it hurts" to "sensation". (I very emphatically decided that I did NOT want the "turn pain to arousal" button. NO. DO NOT WANT. Maybe for specific moments, but not as a fulltime thing.)

12:19 AM 5/26/2010
Well, that was entertaining.
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Glee was good; I usually find Glee good. I'm not specifically fannish about it: it's solid entertainment and I'm along for the ride they're taking me on. Collapse )

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1:27 AM 5/26/2010
*googles* Well huh. Yep, sure did have a USB stick in the port there, and indeed Ryan was fucking around with the boot order; looks like if we yank that out, everything should work as badly as before. *headdesk* Heh.

1:41 AM 5/26/2010
So [personal profile] fairlight said something on Twitter that made me realize that perhaps I've been bitching about computer problems but haven't necessarily gone into detail.
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2:21 AM 5/26/2010
Congratulations to Mrs. and Mrs. Rah and Sarah, as of yesterday! :D :D :D :D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
They were married in a small civil ceremony with a few friends, and their Proper Big White Wedding will follow in ... um ... a while. There are *wavyhands* links around, from people who were actually there. *flappyhandsqueeeeeeeee*

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