May 27th, 2010

golden gate bridge, san francisco

Zombies, attack mist, dogs, and computerfuntimes, with bonus Dramatic Reading

2:47 AM 5/26/2010
Being part of the intended audience is important to a reader.

3:50 AM 5/26/2010
All the photos I'd seen of Nine looked fantastically ugly. I'm pleased to note that while stills do no justice to his face, he looks much better in motion, very much himself. Now interested to compare the actor to the character, see how different they are. (For example, Gillian Anderson, in the few bits I've seen of her being herself, came off as a perfect ninnyhammer and also possibly high as a kite; I adore Scully like nobody's business.)

4:46 AM 5/26/2010
Things that I have said today that make me happy:
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12:49 PM 5/26/2010
Dreamed about the early days of the zombie insurrection, and had to remind my character to stay in character, when we didn't know that animals could get it too. Trying to secure a basically indefensible house in the outskirts of Fairbanks, with not as many zombies as you might think, no tests but checking friends and neighbors for the signs of amplification. Dogs in the house. That was the hard part, not reacting when I should have been treating the great big black labs with the utmost suspicion. Somebody's mother was having a romance with a MythBuster (Jamie or Adam, not sure who). (I think it was Seanan's mother.)

1:31 AM 5/27/2010
Went for walkies with aunt, poodle, and lab this afternoon; went to Trader Joe's after that; followed this up with dinner and continued computer funtimes at the house of JD and Ryan.

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I shortly found myself headed over to the boys' for dinner (I brought the rest of the bread) and computerfuntimes. Collapse )

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Tomorrow: Farmers' market, TV night, and probably errands. Also re-reading The Demon's Lexicon so I can approach The Demon's Covenant with all appropriate preparation.

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The Purple Hat (MythBusters-era)

This is my purple hat, with the button lineup exactly as it was when I wore it to the Mythbusters episode [redacted]. Images link to full-size versions; buttons are transcribed for those without images and those who have difficulty reading the cameraphone picture.

My beloved purple hat, part 1 on Twitpic

This is a purple wool cloth hat with a broad brim, somewhat battered as it is almost 20 years old and well-loved by a not particularly gentle young woman. It has Mardi Gras beads (green spheres and pink oblong) strung about it in place of a hatband, and various buttons/badges/flair pinned to it. (The green ones were won at Folsom Street Fair '09 in the traditional way; the pink ones are from a late-night BART party.)

Turning the hat right to left:

A huge rainbow badge (with a political slogan obscured by black electrical tape).
A tiny blacked-out button (of a writing challenge website).
A tiny blacked-out button (of a tight-knit technical organization).
I owe my peace of mind to sleep deprivation and caffeine

The blacked-out buttons are because the instructions to volunteers for MythBusters filming specifically said to neither wear nor bring any items with visible logos; the observant viewer of the show may notice that when items that would otherwise have logos are visible on the show, the logos have been redacted by physical obscuring (gaffer tape or MythBusters branding) or with a digitally-added mosaic. I wanted to wear the hat, but did not want to take off some of the buttons, particularly as one of the buttons is instrumental in holding on the beads. So I sat down with a roll of electrical tape and a pair of scissors.

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I love this hat. The buttons on it change according to my whim, and it's seen me through good times and bad. This particular lineup, for the MythBusters filming on 2010 May 06, was one of the best times yet. Here's to many more years with my hat!

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