May 30th, 2010


More snippets of the second half of a week: trust/sanity, sleep, fish, Facebook

3:41 AM 5/27/2010
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11:15 AM 5/27/2010
Brain now playing "Daydream Believer". What is this I don't even? Not that I mind. Also, cherries! And rain!

11:22 AM 5/27/2010
Oh. Dear. It's. Uh. So I'm reading fic that involves a guy barely clinging to the last vestiges of sanity, with PTSD and having weird gaps of separation-from-self ... and the thing where he's out in public and there's a crowd and he's having time-lapse and robotic responses and everything around him goes completely surreal and he just can't cope? That ... actually sounds like quite a few moments from the early 2000's, for me. Collapse )

3:57 AM 5/28/2010
That was helpful. So first I was up way late, with too little time for a proper night's sleep, but woke up in time for the farmers' market. (Peas, cherries, strawberries, pastry.) Then I crashed out for a nap late in the afternoon, then I woke up, then I was slow enough to boot that I was dubious about leaving, then I sort of just fell on my face asleep. Now it's almost 4am, and I'm awake; clearly I needed sleep or I wouldn't have been crashed for about six hours.

4:05 AM 5/28/2010
Dear Trillian,
Like Zilch, you are a focus-stealing application. Unlike Zilch, you're doing this when you're starting up and joining all the IRC channels, rather than just as a matter of course because hi, shiny game being played.
Miss Lunatic

12:49 AM 5/30/2010
Friday involved sleep and then a shopping run. Saturday involved not enough sleep, The Demon's Covenant, not enough sleep, emergency sleep, coming in late to chat due to sleep, crashing out early from chat to go to sleep, and waking up at a weird hour. Sunday is going to involve some frantic attempts to reset the sleep schedule.

Also, I want popcorn. (I have corn and a popper, just low motivation.)

Chat does not kill my browser as horribly badly as I thought it would, but it still lags.

1:04 AM 5/30/2010
Hey Zuckerberg, you have cause and effect backwards. Probably from where you're sitting, the number one use of dual identity is trolling, so it would make sense to draw your conclusion from that evidence if one didn't bother to search for other reasons someone might use dual identities. However. From where I'm sitting, I see a number of uses of dual identity. I would argue that the problem is people with a lack of integrity using dual identities. I don't think there's a technological or even magic cure to the problem of people with a lack of integrity.

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