June 7th, 2010

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This is not the record of my fabulous birthday party.

7:21 AM 5/30/2010
I have finally hooked my phone up to my computer and put some of my music on it. The only person who has a custom ringtone so far is my best friend, who has "White Reflection" (I, um, don't expect anybody but me to understand why, but I feel it important to note that I think this choice is hilarious).

7:43 AM 5/30/2010
Also my noise for incoming texts and the like is the TNG communicator chirp. I find this hilarious also. I have moved no few Star Trek sound effects (and also several bits of Fingertips, and "I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today") into my ringtones folder.

2:49 PM 5/30/2010
Talked to best friend on phone. Funtimes had by all. <3

5:27 AM 6/1/2010
Sleep schedule has been ... entertaining.

Missed walkies/shopping with aunt today because I was getting ready for Monthly Epic Shopping with Tif. There might have been time, there might not have; I thought there was not so I didn't bother texting (she IMed while I was in the shower, and was signed off by the time I got out). Tif said there was equipment to haul, so I switched the car into Epic Stuff-Hauling Mode.

Collapse ) and I popped into the bathroom to behold that, to my horror, there were what looked like footprints (shoe-soles, not bare feet) on the seat of the toilet in the accessible/changing room stall. (There are two stalls in the ladies'.) I told Twitter. Giggling in horror, I popped my head into the kitchen and advised staff. (Staff are in no wise responsible for the appalling behaviour of some of their customers.) Then I giggled about it with Tif. Collapse )

Over our respective coffees, I explained to Tif one of the other factors in my aversion to artificial sweeteners: if I have caffeine without appropriate buffer, usually in the form of carbohydrates ("with" is either soon-prior, immediately with, or directly-after), I burn through my personal reserve energy, then I crash out and go zzzthunk. That is actually not how we want to do things! So it's not a good idea for me to get used to having caffeine without sugar to balance things out, so if I go hyper, I do so in a fashion that won't result in an annoying and/or scary crash.

Collapse )
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4:33 AM 6/2/2010
PSA (mostly DW folks, but LJ can put stuff in the comment if there's enough room): remember to describe your icons, particularly if you have low vision/text-only-browser folks in your usual crowd, and particularly the icons you use in public spaces like news comments, official communities, and open-membership communities.

[part 1 of the fabulous birthday goes here, as far as timeline]

8:44 AM 6/4/2010
Waiiiih, can't sleep.

[then fabulous birthday party goes somewhere in here]

[followed by housewarming]

8:40 PM 6/5/2010
CONSTANCE CHARITY O'NEILL, ARE YOU EVEN *ALLOWED* TO WRITE MYTHBUSTERS/ST:'09 FUSION?!?! WITH NORA???!?! Look. norabombay exists in this universe. You exist in that one. 'k?

9:51 PM 6/5/2010
Went to next-oldest cousin's housewarming (this being the younger of Uncle Davy's two), saw a whole bunch of relatives, drank perhaps more hard hard lemonade than I should have been having on not very much lunch (two bottles), came back. L.A. is hot.

5:46 AM 6/6/2010
Apparently it is now warm enough that I should be sleeping with a fan. Therefore, I have located my tinyfan and made it properly aimed at the bed.

2:43 PM 6/6/2010
Apparently I am irritable today, and therefore probably not fit for human company.

10:26 PM 6/6/2010
"How does she think digital shit runs, with ... blowjobs and ponies?" --MissKat

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how is this my life, AO3

Two days, three parties. (This is the record of my fabulous birthday party.)

So the record of my life seems to be missing a few days. Collapse )

The 3rd was a Thursday, and that meant Farmers' Market funtimes for all. Collapse )

I arrived at Tif's later than I had planned due to getting timesucked in Target, but I made up some of that time by driving rather than BART-ing. People were there, we watched many lovely things, including MythBusters (MIXING PEPPER SPRAY AND FIRE IS THE BEST IDEA EVER YOU GUYS, OMG) (JD showed up at the end of that, so we'd timed it well, as he doesn't particularly see the attraction of the show: he must be missing the EXPLOSIONS ARE COOL gene), and then there was chili, and Glee, and strawberries-and-cake-and-whipped-cream. And Doctor Who. And we were watching Doctor Who while Asterix the Basement Cat watched figure skating on YouTube on [personal profile] jamoche's iPad. And midnight hit, and the funtimes were still proceeding, strawberries and cream and fun and yay.

It was awesome. The love from the internet started pouring in full-steam about then, and omg, you guys, you really amazingly know how to make someone feel generally adored. ♥ Thank you all.

Collapse ) I picked up the rest of the party and we showed up. Socialization, meeting-the-dogs, hilarity, refrigerator magnets, gossip, and dinner preparations ensued. raranax was making this GORGEOUS cake, although the beginnings looked slightly dubious at first, being a small slab of very flat cake.

Dinner was bread and vinegar and oil, salad, collaborative pizza building, and finally, the cake.

♥ ♥ THE CAKE. ♥ ♥

There were 13 candles: 30 candles on the tiny cake was not particularly practical in this case, and they matched, and in any event I am in some cases 30 going on 13. (I believe in IRC the usual claim is that I am in fact a 13-year-old boy, or at least I have the sense of humor of the same.)

Lit cake on Twitpic

There was some hemming and hawing about singing, but in a bit the singing commenced. Then Tif and my cousin busted into the Birthday Dirge. "There are 30 more verses!" someone chirped, after the first verse or two. However, I blew out the candles instead, after having thought of a wish. My breath was barely big enough; I hadn't inhaled with that in mind. But I made it.

The cake was fabulous. FABULOUS. Imagine a heavenly combination of whipped cream and Nutella, except slightly more substantial and not potentially gross. ♥ ♥ ♥

Then there was Cranium, and general hilarity, and cleanup. We all left around midnight; I asked my aunt about plans for the next day; she said that she'd come by to pick me up around 10:45. It was an excellent birthday.

Collapse )

Rather than driving to L.A. and dealing with the road and traffic and all, we were to be flying, and flying on my uncle's plane. This was my first experience with it, and the smallest plane I'd been on. I enjoyed it (and took notes); the major differences mostly involved not dealing with airport security, the safety briefing (brief), being able to see the cockpit and see out the front, getting serious gadget envy about the aircraft-grade Garmin GPS-plus-assorted-instrumentation unit, and the side-to-side as well as up-and-down turbulence. Oh, and the seeing-out-the-front led to a moment or three of sheer terror as we landed the first time, because I'm only used to seeing the ground at an angle out the side windows, not seeing the ground at quite that angle out the front.

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