June 10th, 2010


35 tweets for 2010-6-10

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Thursday, 0023: I enjoyed a BRISK WALK in DOWNTOWN SAN FRANCISCO this evening, as FUCKING #SPRINT NAVIGATION cannot tell the 200 block of Howard St from 600
  • Thursday, 0030: I ... am amazingly uncomfortable with performative femininity above and beyond my usual standards. #epiphany
  • Thursday, 0033: I thought "I will perform gender if the fun things are over there" ...but no. I will perform masculinity if that's what's needed to play.
  • Thursday, 0034: I will perform femme for my own entertainment; I have long hair, wear skirts, lipstick.
  • Thursday, 0035: If it's said/implied that I need to be at least this femme to enter, and it's above my baseline, I dig my heels in & go *hella* butch.
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