June 12th, 2010

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Sometimes Twitter is the proof that I haven't suddenly vanished entirely.


12:55 AM 6/8/2010
I like the magic triangle. The bulk of my waking hours yesterday were spent on code tour. My sleep schedule is fucked again. Frantically trying to adjust it back to diurnal. Since I live in a diurnal world, I sort of have to be diurnal in order to function in it, and I like having plans with friends and family.

3:39 AM 6/8/2010
Hmm. Perhaps that eyeliner was a bit old, eh? *fling* (It was dead in any case, and while I was cheerfully drawing on myself with it, the applicator broke. Woops.)

1:11 PM 6/9/2010
Smacked my sleep schedule with a big mallet last night. Let's hope it had the desired effect.

9:24 AM 6/10/2010
So. There's more stuff going around about the female aptitude for science being less than the male, blah blah blah offensivecakes.
1) like everyone else is saying, nice job disregarding all the subtle discouragements that girls get from scientific pursuits as soon as they're old enough to tell pink from blue.
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10:50 AM 6/12/2010
Oh dear, that was not fun. Thursday, I went to the farmers' market with my aunt, having felt a bit uncertain for the past few days. By the time she was done, I was miserable. Instead of the walk we'd planned, she dropped me at home; TMI ensued. I was feeling OK enough to head out that evening, albeit with a bottle of ginger ale tucked into my bag. Friday was more funtimes in disrupted sleep schedule, and then random chatter with MissKat once I woke up and my phone stopped protesting being left on my bedside table. Speakerphone calls with [personal profile] stonebridge (dear typo fingers, not stonebride) are unexpectedly hilarious.

This evening will feature seanan_mcguire and assorted literary adventures.

This morning appears to feature housecleaning.

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