June 17th, 2010

queer as a three dollar bill

Prop8 Trial closing arguments (my-day version, not the juicy), and other assorted.

11:45 AM 6/12/2010
Pro tip: when sticking personal information like frequently-forgotten passwords to your monitor, fold the sticky over, so a casual glance (or stray photo) doesn't reveal it to anyone in shouldersurfing distance. (Does not protect from snoopers with unobserved physical access.)

1:31 PM 6/12/2010
My to-do list had some things that I was going to look up for Drewface. Collapse )

3:43 PM 6/12/2010
Today: more housework! So exciting! Collapse )

Also, I should inquire with the office re: my dishwasher. It doesn't ... seem to be quite right.

3:59 PM 6/12/2010
Songs I cannot stand: "In Over My Head (Cable Car)", by The Fray. I might be able to stand it if it weren't minor-and-whiny (there's this short-front, high-middle W-shaped configuration of notes in it ("over my head over my head") that just drives me *up the wall*) but as it is, it's very DNW.

4:39 PM 6/12/2010
Now, Muse's "Uprising", that's a song that makes me happy and also makes me need to put it on a mobile device for the next time I happen to be at some sort of protest involving the Establishment getting ousted. Muse reminds me of [personal profile] xb95, because I think he's one of the first people I know to have mentioned liking them, so that's an additional source of small things that make me smile.

7:57 AM 6/13/2010
Wherein I rant: Do not sunburn the cock, apropos of San Francisco playing host to a nude bike ride yesterday.

3:57 PM 6/13/2010
Aha, somebody was in the middle of game when I tried calling. We shall see if we're up at his hours. *kicks sleep schedule*

1:53 PM 6/14/2010
So Saturday involved SF in SF, which starred the lovely seanan_mcguire, and another author whose name did not stick with me, but one can probably look up. Poor Seanan was just this side of zombie, and sometimes not even the correct side.

The other author talked about her background in the music industry, and read something about stuff going down at a film festival. She also read a snippet of a cat getting introduced to an owl. Seanan (once she had a speaking voice) allowed the audience to choose what she read (the choices were serious or funny, and we picked funny), so she read "Alchemy and Alcohol", I believe.

There was a brief intermission. There was chatter about beverages, and I was scolded for actually purchasing Coca-Cola Blak after Seanan told us not to. (I have learned my lesson!)

1:47 AM 6/17/2010
So I'm probably not going to have time to catch up on internet for a bit, thanks to today's hectic Prop8 stuff.

Quick highlights: Collapse )

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