June 22nd, 2010


Some good and some bad! Good: visiting with Mathsie, hilarity. Bad: car towed!! :(

2:31 PM 6/19/2010
And we are cleaning again, for Mathsie is coming to visit! Hooray! We seem to have tidied the bathroom hall in an approvable fashion.

3:02 PM 6/20/2010
From the rather shreddy bit of paper that I was sharing with my neighbors on the day of the Prop 8 closing arguments, some backchannel snark about the defense, with a few comments:
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10:26 PM 6/20/2010
Called a certain best friend. Did the geek walk of shame, virtually. (Coming home with your computer and everybody knows that it was something obvious that you could have done yourself.) (Which reminds me, need to grab the computer and tote it home.) Talked a bit about the Prop 8 trial and some of my hopes and a bit about the closet and ... yeah, I was babbling a bit. And then we got into the "What do we need? Sleep! When do we need it? Now! What do we need? Sleep! When do we need it? Yesterday!" thing. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

8:50 AM 6/21/2010
Not sure whether this is by the fellow who posted it, or if it's merely an archiving, but whichever it is, it's brilliant.

11:57 AM 6/21/2010
A plot bunny that I really want to read, that I'll probably never write, but will hit some undefinable gen kink for crossovers: "Harry doesn't mind if he doesn't make the scene. He's got a daytime job and he's doing all right." Harry Potter moonlights in a workmanlike but not brilliant Muggle band that has a steady gig in South London. Yep, crossover with "Sultans of Swing". I want this. I need this. I have Googled in search of it. Where is it?

2:14 PM 6/22/2010
Some words I think I can agree with:
It is perhaps a good rule of thumb, when writing escapist or comic fiction about basically grim situations, to think of oneself as doing so with the intention of amusing or diverting or giving comfort to the victims. I mean, Hogan's Heroes, with all its flaws, made fun of the Nazis, not of their victims.

11:30 PM 6/22/2010
Back home, cranky. Adapted from the email I just sent family:
My car got towed tonight. I was parked legally on the street, but the private towing company currently holding my car says that I was parked on private property. I checked the clearance fore and aft for the driveways I was parked between at the time I parked, and I don't believe I was actually in their red zone. I am upset and angry. Collapse )

On a lighter note:

Adapted from the comments to a mutual friend, a quick summary of my day with Mathsie:Collapse )

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  • Tuesday, 0054: "Brainbleach is not lube! Brainbleach is for brain only!" Yep, @mathsie and I are getting along fine. Giggling a bit loudly for 1am though.
  • Tuesday, 0058: RT @Stepto: @wilw the collective term for Internet dicks is a "fuckwad". Eg: Whoa! I just ran into a fuckwad of Internet dicks!
  • Tuesday, 0300: @sarahreesbrenna @mathsie (who is in my livingroom right now) says there should be more boys in a room, and "Nobody leaves until [censored]"
  • Tuesday, 0301: @sarahreesbrenna (The censored bit is, er, *vigorous snogging*.) We have sort of been reading together. There has been hilarity. Also perry.
  • Tuesday, 0310: @loopylisa93 I think the sort who did not see that are also the sort who manage to miss real gay fellows.
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