June 23rd, 2010

California girl, poppies

Car, continued

[profile] gameboyguy13 has been a superstar, comforting me in my time of confusion and WTF-ery, and helpfully linking me to California law on the towing of vehicles. They appear to be charging the maximum towing fee, maximum storage fee, and an additional "dolly fee"; apparently my car required special handling of some sort. Since we're to be picking it up within the initial 24 hours, they shan't gouge me for two days of storage. And from reading the law, either the "parked on private property" is entirely trumped-up and bogus, or instead of strictly "parked on private property" it would have instead been impeding access *to* private property, which is likewise bull, but a rather more plausible variety of bull, and they have to have photos to prove this bull if that's what it was.

My aunt is taking me there; her arrival is imminent.

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huge fuck-up

Return of the Car

My car has been retrieved. My budget is reeling/sulking at the blow, but my car is retrieved, and it (and contents) are intact. I was not given the most professional impression of the private towing company in question, for a number of reasons, but most strikingly the way that there was a great honkin' tow truck parked in front of my car (this did not strike me as out of the ordinary for an impound lot) -- which they had to unlock with the coathanger-tool to unset the brake, and then tow out of the way with a forklift.

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A small forklift towing a great huge flatbed towtruck out of an impound lot with tow chains hanging slack between the two vehicles for the moment. Azz's aunt (a tiny woman in her mid-50s with a chin-length pewter-grey bob haircut) stands by, unimpressed.

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I am planning to set the computer up tonight. We'll see how it's fared in these adventures.

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