July 11th, 2010

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Things we have learned today, a partial list:

Clean the oven regularly.
Wipe the oven down after cooking that juicy roast.
Check the oven before preheating to bake frozen pizza.
Smoke billowing out of oven vents, not normal.
Smoke out of opened door, ditto.
That box fan is efficient.
Wipe the oven down before commencing auto-cleaning cycle.
Flame in auto-cleaning cycle is not normal.
The locked oven door prevents stupid moves.
In an oxygen-poor environment, the fire must needs go out.
Once a fire has expended all its fuel, it must needs go out.
The cleaning cycle takes a minimum of 2 hours, by which time one's eaten something else.

One's Palm Pixi's fucking autocorrect will change one's "its"es to "it's"es without so much as a by-your-leave.

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A few more days of variously inane babble

Some commentary from my dogsitting but a few weeks ago:

8:19 AM 6/28/2010
...That was invigorating! I can now say from firsthand experience that yes, Twitter does in fact update you on whether or not that was an earthquake (by sheer number of people saying "Holy crap was that an earthquake?" if nothing else) before the USGS site does. 3.5 near San Francisco.

The following sequence amuses:
I love the sixth floor of the CNET building, but every time someone moves a piece of futniture, I run to check the USGS earthquake map.
Oh, wait. Actual earthquake?
Yep. Rocked an actual earthquake. Love the sixth-floor shimmy. http://bit.ly/coG23g

4:30 PM 6/28/2010
Apparently my current soda of choice (this varies month to month) is ginger ale. Good to know. (I got some on a shopping run, because I need to have some on hand because it makes the periodic OH DEAR THIS IS NOT A GOOD DIGESTION DAY woes much less woeful, and apparently it is good for random-drinking-of-soda too.)

1:42 AM 6/29/2010
Today's accomplishments: woodpecker heard and then spotted, earthquake, nap, code tour, entirely missing the ice cream van (I want to get ice cream from an ice cream van at least once in my life), dogwalking, checking on my apartment (just fine) and retrieving underwear, as I totally did not pack enough for a week.

6:15 AM 6/30/2010
Had a very bizarre dream segment in which:
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And then there was a disturbance in the Force, of a waggy, black-furred nature, and I woke up.

4:39 PM 7/1/2010
Knee feeling much better today. I was out last night with Tif grocery shopping (as we do) and the knee became irate with me, so I went and sat down, and thereafter it complained at me when I stepped on it even the slightest bit off true. This resulted in an early end to the shopping trip. After which, of course, it was *garbage* day, so I limped around wrangling trash cans with the very last of my energy. I opted not to go to the Farmers' Market this morning, on the grounds that I did not at all want to do anything unnecessary to it. My aunt surprised me by bringing back some cherries, strawberries, and blackberries for me -- and I fear there are barely any left.

Also, [personal profile] norabombay has brought the scarring (in the form of sharing someone else's sexually explicit photoshoppery, with cautionary notes about what to do if one sees this in real life) yet again: http://beginningcocks.dreamwidth.org/13176.html

5:38 PM 7/1/2010
Ahh, #dreamwidth. Chatter about the X-Files (Tif ships Mulder/his porn collection, because Scully is a grown-up and Mulder, maybe not so much so) resulted in me proposing a crossover between the X-Files and Weird Science. The main points of difference from canon Weird Science is the era (moved up a decade) and that the looks for Lisa come from a pornstar, rather than a fashion model. Thus, when someone reports Deeply Weird Happenings (someone's got to have remembered all the WTFery and called the police) and the X-Files finally tracks Lisa down, Mulder recognizes her. Instantly. From his collection.

Wacky hijinks ensue.

1:34 AM 7/2/2010
Next in the generally-scarring funtimes on the internet: Dean/talking motor oil fic outline: http://beginningcocks.dreamwidth.org/13570.html

4:05 PM 7/2/2010
Apropos of discussion elsewhere about discussion so very elsewhere that I'm not sure of even where it was: I now hold the opinion that the phrase "Are you in a place where you can hear such things?" is best left to real-time, in-person discussion where there has already been mutual trust and goodwill established. Or between people who have already established that trust and goodwill. Or as an inquiry about sending that very loud music video link, the one that you wouldn't be able to hear at a nightclub, but shouldn't click on unawares in the office.

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  • Sunday, 0043: Desktop doing weird freezy thing again. D: Good uptime before that though.
  • Sunday, 0259: Stupid body. Stupid skin. Stupid hormones. :(
  • Sunday, 0358: The BPA cheers Holland so I shall too! Hup Holland Hup! #ned
  • Sunday, 0938: Asked Mike and Connie why the kink, because they are so happy with each other; got eyerolled: it is the cherry on top.
  • Sunday, 0940: The real challenge is going to be writing their ridiculous happiness with each other w/o making the reader sick from cloying sweetness.
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