July 26th, 2010

Housewife's Lament

the dog's breakfast

Today was entertaining! I had been dogsitting since Wednesday, for the same couple I've been sitting for off and on since May -- their kid went to school with my youngest cousin (the little brother of my AWESOME cousin). They have an elderly black lab mix, and a brace of invisible cats. Sunday afternoon, the dog started favoring a leg -- but as soon as I grabbed the leash, he was acting all perky again. But dinnertime rolled around, and he didn't even want to go outside to pee. I didn't push the issue, just curled up in bed and waited until I heard him click-clacking over the kitchen floor to get up and offer the open door. And then in the morning, he was still curled up on the floor next to my bed, and didn't cross the kitchen floor heard the food hit the dish. Usually he's at the dish before me and bouncing up and down when I open the container. Then he took twice as long in the yard. All this resulted in another alarmed e-mail to the people. They were, very fortunately, returning today.

The prescription for NSAIDs was 5 years out of date. They got him an appointment with the vet. By the time of the vet visit, he wasn't putting any weight at all on the leg hardly. I drove him there, since they were still about an hour out. They met me there after the initial vet look-over. There will be x-rays and bloodwork. It could be as innocent and straightforward as an arthritis flare-up (he's 12, with a history in other joints) or it could be ... a number of things, including possibly a bone tumor. Crossing my fingers. He's a good old dog.

When I saw the direction things were headed with his mobility, I stuffed a small handful of kibble in my pocket. My aunt uses that trick: set aside a portion of kibble from the next meal (or reserve it from the previous meal) and dole it out as rewards and bribes (and general treats for being a good sport). This was the first time I'd done that with him, and he got a lot lickier with me than usual. M. laughed a bit and said no wonder he liked me so much. I have good role models!

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