July 29th, 2010

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"No, Temeraire. One does not just ... shanghai ... troubadors into one's crew!"

2:33 PM 7/27/2010
Today I am recovering from the week of dogsitting, having a bit too much soda, to cope with the sore throat that comes as a result of having inhaled a bit of pizza and the uncontrollable coughing to dislodge the thing from one's lungs. I'm also doing random administrative/housekeeping things, and waiting to see if my aunt is up for a walk later.

5:17 PM 7/27/2010
(later) Looks like no walk with aunt today. Alas!

6:47 PM 7/27/2010
Cheerful knitting chatter in #dreamwidth tonight. Sinister ducks. Having demolished ... oh dear, the better part of two liters of Dr. Pepper ... I have switched to ginger beer. (The soda thing is not particularly normal for me, but at least the sore throat is feeling better now. Pro tip: avoid inhaling your pizza, it leads to coughing, and coughing leads to sore throats.)

1:36 PM 7/28/2010
Don't argue with an ibex. Ever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TugslL45aXk I don't know if he's what you call a professional, but... just don't. It sounds like he's trying to get a good take with him discoursing with the ibex, but it's just not working out very well. (The comments to most supposed English "translations" say that it's political questions, and that the "translation" is meant as funny but don't mention that they're joke translations rather than real ones.)

4:03 PM 7/29/2010
Last night's recipe was caused by too many mushrooms and a sudden hunger.
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Today so far: woke up after a nice 8 hours of sleep, did Farmers' Market stuff with aunt, went to Target, went to Trader Joe's. Got a few frozen meals based on the concept that if I like them, I can look up recipes for them, because I've been curious (various curries) but if not, then I won't have gone to the trouble of cooking. (Cooking and I have a mixed relationship until I know a recipe well enough to do it effortlessly.) Got fruit. :D :D :D Eating leftover fruit from last time.

I have been suddenly consumed with the mental image of Temeraire attempting to add some glittery popstar to his horde (or to his crew) based on the sparkliness. This of course is an amazingly OOC AU sort of crackfic bunny.


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