August 1st, 2010

Order and Chaos, Escher

Meow! Woof?

3:01 PM 7/31/2010
Was alerted to [personal profile] heresluck's Translations from the feline: the flying mouse affair in IRC by [personal profile] synecdochic. Hilarity abounds.

Next stop: my aunt's, to see Deacon's new trick, and to check in pre-dogsitting. I am a good last-minute dogsitter.

12:19 AM 8/1/2010
Had a lovely evening with aunt & uncle. Dressed up a bit before heading over there, with my new belt and eyeshadow. The occasion was: I have a new belt! also eyeshadow! We are easily amused. I was not as made of ow as I thought I would be from when I woke up in the middle of the night and needed my cane to actually walk to the bathroom (I tucked it into bed next to me after that fun discovery). I should be back to normal tomorrow.

Saw Deacon's new trick (fetch-the-scent-cannister), gently overhauled the business cards, chattered away, had dinner, chattered more, and watched two episodes of MythBusters off Netflix-on-the-computer.

Now, having finished reading what the internet was up to in my absence, I'm for bed.

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