August 21st, 2010

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Chattiness, Freebase, sketchery, and Bella Swan, Mistress of Snark.

5:39 PM 8/14/2010
Because I am a complete goofball, and also my artistic side has been poking at me again, I illustrated the image of me (or, well, my voice, as conveyed by Skype) that the chatfish have. Between me being absolutely silly, and my audio setup...

Geese, honking and blowing vuvuzelas, out of which bees are emerging.

7:03 PM 8/14/2010
Miniature screwdrivers are not to be used as sounds.

7:20 AM 8/16/2010
Statements I have uttered in the last 24 hours: "Ordinarily this would be where I confess to liking something similarly low-budget and obscure, but I can't think of anything off the top of my head. But I'm sure there are plenty. So let's just go on as if I had..."

9:16 AM 8/17/2010
Yesterday evening I finally met up with amberite, who was in town. She picked me up and we ventured downtown to retrieve her friend Sai, who works near the Embarcadero. We had dinner in Japantown, then dropped by to say hello to his roommates and so Alice could use his internet to write down directions to her next stop. A fun time was had by all.

I seem to have, in the past few days, at some point, splashed myself with scalding-hot tisane, and I have a notably red burn down my front. Unhappy with that, but it could have been worse, and it no longer hurts. It did not blister.

8:09 PM 8/17/2010
When people pull and post their people-who-comment-on-my-journal statistics, I'm often in the top. Which can lead people who are otherwise not so close to me to be thinking that due to sheer volume of interaction, I may be closer than they think, because I chatter more than the people they are actually close to.

But the thing to remember is that I talk a lot, and I have right now a fair amount of free time in which to talk. The proper baseline for my comments is not how many comments I have left to you, it is how many comments I have left in general (72,683 in 3395 days on LJ, just over 21 per day; 5,340 in 535 days on DW, just under 10 per day). These days I seem to be commenting on fic a lot.

6:44 AM 8/18/2010
the that's my favorite! meme

1:53 AM 8/19/2010
Have returned from Entertaining Evening Out. Yay geeking!

8:39 AM 8/19/2010
Finally got this sketch scanned and cleaned up a bit. NSFW.

9:11 AM 8/20/2010
Right, so Wednesday night, I finally got to go to a Freebase meetup. (I'd been trying to attend from since before they got acquired by Google, but it didn't wind up working out for a couple months.) This did mean that I got to visit a Google office. First I checked in at the security desk, who had a list of the people who'd signed up for the meetup. (I was a little concerned at first, since while I'd signed up, I also don't use my full name online, but that was not a problem.) They had one person downstairs to get people on the elevator, and one person upstairs to get people in the door.

We met in a nice large cheerful room. This particular room had a nice view of the street below, some tables, and a bunch of chairs -- not dissimilar from college classrooms, except that most college classrooms have chairs in matched or accidentally mismatched sets, rather than equal numbers of red, yellow, green, and blue. Nor do they have some of the lights covered with red, yellow, green, and blue film. Nor the beanbag target. The general cheer of the room was not dissimilar to a kindergarten, except most kindergartens don't have quite that nice an audiovisual setup at the speaker's podium in the corner.

I learned a lot about Freebase. I'm still a basic enough user that I didn't have any good questions (or any at all, really). But it was fun. I crocheted, working on Dreamsheep Beta. (I have them planned through Delta.) Then we headed for dinner and drinks. I am evidently getting my ability to orient myself back, because I was never at any time unaware of my heading in connection to the grid in that part of town, and thus when we came down and outside into the courtyard, and some of the dudes wound up taking a weird direction, I was able to say "Er, it's that way." A cane is really nice for making large, dramatic gestures like pointing somewhere.

Tif joined us for dinner. She and Skud and I all wound up with perry. There was chatter. We wound up recommending TV to some random co-worker of Skud's, which was entertaining. Skud shared her vision, for users being optionally able to map their tags to objects on Freebase, and the Latest Things page being able to look among like-tagged things to gather trending tags even when the tag names themselves are disparate. Say, "^not a bean or a car (or a horse)" and pairing: chris pine/zachary quinto. Which would probably get filed under Star Trek 2009 RPF.

We wound up taking Muni back to Tif's, running into Jed's friend on the way. I introduced them, and we chatted until we got off and went our separate ways. Tif and I watched stuff for a while. This included an episode of Real Sex which happened to be on. We wound up at it at a point when it looked as if people were having a wedding in a mud pit. Then they got naked. One of the participants compared the mud to an octopus sensually stroking their body. Er? Hilarity ensued.

Thursday, my aunt and I did our usual farmers' market run. I got a gallon jug/pitcher that seals tightly, into which I decanted the latest batch of sangria. (This makes it possible for me to transport sangria in a far less illegal fashion, because I can be sure that it won't spill all over poor Vash's trunk.) We did the usual Thursday night thing, except with more sangria than usual, and I brought strawberries and chocolate, so there were also chocolate covered strawberries later on. I came in as the boys were watching the first episode of White Collar, which I had also not seen. Lee Ann brought pound cake. ("I'll have a shilling," JD said.) Later, we watched some Sherlock, and I was charmed.

9:46 PM 8/21/2010
Signal boost: help_pakistan.

10:15 PM 8/21/2010
I do kind of love Bella Swan sometimes. I think she's hilarious. Take the honeymoon, in Breaking Dawn. I have summarized the honeymoon, in script format, for your amusement.
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