August 31st, 2010

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Miscellaney: Sherlock, relationships, fannishness, bad ideas.

11:09 AM 8/29/2010
Apparently my personal canon for Sherlock now involves either asexual!Sherlock, or Sherlock who thinks sex is unimportant/boring, possibly with an exception for John. I can be sold other visions of him, but that's the one that comes through most clearly. Thank you, fandom. :D

12:43 PM 8/29/2010
Sometimes I am the best and worst kind of optimist. If someone says that they love someone and wish them nothing but the best, and then up and, like, murders them or something, I would be *surprised and shocked*. Same with relationships that other people are in. If I'm seeing them textually, I don't pick up on all of the nuances that says that the relationship is headed for disaster.

12:48 PM 8/29/2010
Sometimes Valdemar has the same sort of hollow plasticky feel as the sort of "historical reenactment" event that makes a lot of noise about authenticity, and then has glaringly non-authentic things, but instead of either going on about it and not calling attention to it, or saying (when called on it) that yeah, that is not authentic, but the whole point is to have fun, and the authentic thing would not be as fun (see: modern plumbing) -- but instead makes the sort of fuss over justifying the anachronism that it calls more attention to it than it would have got in the first place, unsuspends the willingly suspended disbelief, and awakes the cynic within.

1:32 PM 8/29/2010
Two random insights for the day:
1) If one knows, beforehand, that something is going to be a bad idea, don't do it.
2) If one has already established that a person will suggest to one things that are in the opposite of one's best interests (particularly with every appearance of goodwill), examine all of that person's suggestions (and antisuggestions) more strictly than average, because it's more likely to be a Bad Idea. Really.

3:06 AM 8/30/2010
Just spent a while going through my to-do list on Hiveminder. Yay, Hiveminder. It is another thing that is nearly a prosthetic memory.

8:43 AM 8/30/2010
Random jarring Facebook moment: when someone spoke dismissively of the MythBusters as "those dorks". These are my people. If you think they're dorky, what do you think of me? If the answer to that is one of those face-saving "But you're not one of *those* dorks!" ... yeah, actually, I am one of those dorks. (This has set off some thinky-thoughts, which are brewing down in a corner of Notepad.)

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personal thoughts about r69

Whee, more LJ features! r69! Lest people not have caught on by now, this meta is brought to you by Azz-the-blogger, not Azz-the-LJ-volunteer. I have slightly mixed feelings about these features, but since it's given me something that I can use in a way consistent with my deepest darkest adolescent fantasies, I'm immensely happy.

(A lot of my online presence is explained by the fact that basically, I want to grow up to be Ariane Emory. Except without the taste for teenage boys, without the cancer, without the getting murdered, without the slave-labor society, without the family problems, and without the being a complete ruthless powerhungry unloving battleaxe things.)

If you have a Facebook account and want to comment on LJ, you can do that with Facebook Connect now. Collapse )

If you have an OpenID or (shiny new) Facebook Connect account on LJ, you can turn it into a Real Account ( -- Not sure if this is documented yet, but people in Suggestions have wanted this for years, and I'm very happy they're getting it.

Link accounts to cross-post entries and/or comments to Facebook (
I don't care for this and won't use it, because I keep my real name and my legal name separated. Mostly this does not concern me, because the connection is made in the LJ settings and is opt-in, rather than having Facebook assume that since I'm logged in to Facebook in this browser, it's perfectly OK to make the connection. This is why I'm not in sudden hysterics. Collapse )

Link accounts to cross-post entries and/or comments to Twitter: I like this, I have it set up, and I'm using it. More about that after I describe it.

Once one opts in, by entering one's Twitter username in the thingy on the page, and then one ticks the checkboxes for whether this is done by default or not, for entries or comments.
  • Collapse ) (If you comment to a non-public post, the box is unticked, but you can manually tick it. If you do manually tick it and your Twitter account is viewable by people who are not the people who can view the entry, this does erode -- or actively violate, especially if you're top-quoting something they said -- the privacy of the journal owner. This is a greater or lesser degree of privacy erosion depending on exactly what you said, and the fact that there's now a link to a locked entry floating around that wasn't floating around before. Some of your friends are going to get mighty pissy at you if you do that shit.)

  • There is not a way to prevent someone else from posting a link to their comment in your space, except by advising your friends that this is not cool with you.
The main beef I have with this is not the privacy thing, because it's unticked by default on locked entries and most of my friends are not fucking idiots, but actually the tab order. It used to be comment subject, comment, submit. Now it is comment subject, comment, settings, (ticky 1), (ticky 2), submit. This is sort of not helpful, but it is also the sort of UI thing that can get fixed given some developer time.

How I'm using it: I've got a bit of a complicated dodge going now, that I actually just set up a few days ago for some other stuff. Followers of my Twitter account will see that I have a lot of Delicious links in there. I am also using to manage my proliferation of tabs, which is ... actually doing more than I thought. Thanks, afuna! And I do want to log the things I read, but not all of them are suitable for public linking, because of one or all of the following: too high-volume, too much like a recommendation of the link, because other people don't need to know that I was reading that. So I've set up a locked Twitter account, used Twitterfeed to connect the one to the other, and then Twittinesis to connect the other to the ... default entry security private secondary journal that I have set up for backups. :-P
So I just set up my main account here to deliver my comments to that locked-down Twitter account, so the backups will ship with comment links as well as massive, massive linkspam.
Why do I do this? Because Ariane Emory had a lot to do with how I set up my brain as an adolescent, and I work better when I'm able to store a lot of the less-relevant things elsewhere. Since my brain files fairly well on the "What day did I do X? It was sometime around Y, maybe Z..." and if I can find Y and Z, and I have a log that would include X that's date-sorted, I can go through the logs to then locate X.

[Edit: Now that I'm awake, I have heard about pingbacks leading to locked entries, and this is apparently a bug under investigation which you should file a support request for if it happens to you; I hope they get it fixed soon because that is worrisome.] Pingbacks! I love pingbacks. I was sorry when they went away the first time. This is only on-LJ, public entry pingbacks, and they're on by default unless you previously turned them off. [Edited to correct: this is opt-out, not opt-in.] Collapse )

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